Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Under the bed.

I got a ghost under my bed.. got scared? :)Play Ghost Memory
Its a ghost of memories!

The other day I removed my mattress and opened the plank under it.
As I was keeping my woolen blankets et al away, a little box caught my eye, it was my box of mementos. and I, instead of finishing of my chores of keeping things away, I sat down and opened the box, and feelings of nostalgia gripped me as I went through my cards/letters, my school badge, my little nick nacks. I had a habit of keeping small things.. even if it was a ticket to a park/movie or a weighing scale ticket! Thank God I wasn't born in the digital era, where most cards or letters would be always stored in a micro SD card or a pen drive, or probably just gone into thin air!

This time I found a small packet tucked away in a corner. When I opened it, I saw it was my school shirt which I wore to school on the last day. It was scribbled with notes from my class mates and friends all over it, and the messages are still clear and readable. I went through all of them and the last day of school was so vivid and the faces of friends as they were then!!

Of course I have reconnected with most of my mates from school, but time has erected a wall.. and each of us have a newer and more closer circle with whom we interact more than with those reconnected friends... Its good though to know where they are and their current statuses.

I had cried lots on the last day of school.
I couldn't bear the thought of never being able to walk through the gates again.
I would miss everything, the gate, the classrooms, the familiar atmosphere, the teachers, the classmates...
The last year of school was like back counting for me, and soon it was all over.. school was over!

As I closed the box and kept away the contents.. I thought how time flies!!
That box is like a time machine, when I open it I travel back in time..

And did you think this was a post on ghosts?? :P

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  1. i thought it would be a ghost hiding under your bed, and i would ask u to cut off the legs of the bed to make the ghost find another warm "under the bed comfort".

    Thanks for sharing the nostalgic school times .

  2. I came here thinking of a real ghost story ...but i found something better...:-)

  3. :) Glad to share Venkhat

    Yeah Sub, that ghost gimmick was to draw attention.

  4. Hey! I have a similar hobby of keeping a lot of silly stuff as memories... I even have my bills from the parties wid frnz, that we often fight for whoz going to pay.. :)

    sweet post

  5. hey thanks Aakash and glad to know it was sweet..