Tuesday, April 12, 2011

insects and animals

I wonder why some people shriek when they see a cockroach or a lizard for that matter!
Even lizards can look cute.. see their pictures I took (http://shaziawish.blogspot.com/p/snapshots.html)
Why? They don't do any harm at all!
If at all, it is us who must be really foreboding for them insects!

When I stayed at my village, it was my sole duty to ward off any insect which came out of the soil to trouble my cousins. Even the male cousins were scared to death if they saw a spider or a lizard or any other new insect inside the vicinity of the house.
But I was like a menace for the insects, I am sure they shrieked when they saw me!.
Up came my slipper and down on them and crashed them if they didn't fly away before I reached them.

Back home, there used to be an army of cockroaches in the kitchen and I spent many a busy time spanking the shit out of them. I remember I once had this very annoying habit of collecting flies and putting them inside a bottle or any container for that matter.. Makkhi maar I was!
I still can catch them with just one swish of my hand!

Sometime back a couple of monkeys entered the house and was scaring all to death. When I came out and saw the commotion, I took out a stick and went after them. One of them was beeg and when I raised the stick he gnarled at me and made a noise. I hesitated and even got a little unsteady and scared, but I wasn't the one to back out, I gnashed at it and banged the stick on the ground, took another step towards it, till it got scared enough to back out and escape from the terrace!

Recently I have this strange longing to see the tiger sans cage, so I have been hopping across forests (Sariska and Sundarbans) inhabited by tigers, but I havent been able to sight them yet! I have heard gir forest has abundant tigers and I hope to visit that in the future and hope I see the majestic tiger this time!


  1. A huntress is on the loose, god save the animal kingdom from this sweet beauty, could u have not smiled at them or used other tactics u girls use on us men, and snare us, or make us keep a safe distance?

    For a change try them Shazia, for the safety of the animals.

  2. :P
    sorry Venkhat! sure I do try to control my animal instinct nowadays.
    I forgot to mention that people who know me say," you wont see the tiger, its not mad to come in front of you!"