Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Munni badnaam.

Scoundrel! Notorious!! Arrogant!!!

Yes I was all.
In my locality at least!

Me and my sister had one bicycle, which we rode to tuition classes. On one day she rode it while I walked and the next day I rode while she walked. It was her turn that day, she was riding and I was following from behind. One of the locality boys who was playing cricket came from nowhere and hit the back tyre of the cycle with his bat! My sister rode away without as much as an angry glance. Little did the boy know that a tight slap awaited him. I was infuriated! How dare he? I took aim and slapped the boy who was too stunned to reply to whatever curse I spat out at him at the same time. I left with a warning, "dare you come near my cycle."

The next morning when I woke up I saw the walls of neighboring buildings slashed across with my name like a graffiti, and a few niceties like the above along with it. Needless to say, I was the vamp of the neighborhood! the unfriendly girl next door!

The above incident took place when I was in class 7.
I was munni badnaam (infamous) and gandi(bad) bachi :P way back!!

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  1. Shazia , u sure had a historcyclic past, and a bright shining future, we are lucky to have u now with a sweet present of your words on our screen.

    Only politicians and film wallas get their names on walls, the neighbor sure did advertise your talents well and colorfully.

  2. :) Venkhat! you don't know but your comment just made my day!!
    Thanks a ton!

  3. lucky u...u got your name painted on the wall...instead of being gandi(bad) if you were gandhibadi, your name would never have been there in the wall...

  4. :) Sub, at that time, it was a shame!!

  5. oh my god sister you remember that incident so much oops i remember that boys face after your tight slap on him uff indeed you were a tornado in the locality and i was always scared of your next step