Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thou You U

I was wondering today that when there were less machines and more work people had time to talk in leisure and they used less slang and more courtesies!!
Not only talk but spell with all proper spellings and use proper grammar!
This is true for all languages. Since I write in English the title is the hint as to what I am trying to say here.

Strange, all things look kinda mixed up and smaller and shorter, what with mixed languages like hinglish and urdu which is a mixture of persian and hindi.

People marrying cross country inter religion international!
In a way its good.. no more boundaries in future perhaps.
Maybe one day all languages will converge to form one language, like the new sms lang and internet emotes, youngsters have a knack of it.

Then we wont have war at least!! :)
As optimistic as I am, I started to write a post on degrading of languages and ended up seeing the brighter side of things!! Keeping myself surprised as usual. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Man Woman

A man must earn and a woman must spend.. 

In order to continue to admire each other forever!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why don't I feel old?

I still feel like I am young.
My daughter is a constant reminder that I have grown old and I should act so.
I tell myself while I gaze into the mirror, " you are old now, so you better behave as one."

I thought of my parents when I was my daughter's age who has stepped into teenage, They looked so old to me, and I must be as old as them. But heck! why the damn don't I feel old?

As much as I loved my birthdays and wanted them to come twice or thrice in a year, now I really wish they came once in a leap year!
Its not that I hide my age like most women, but I genuinely don't want to grow up!

Each day steals away my time, my age, and leaves me helpless..
Its not that I am really scared of death though I wouldn't want to die yet!
But that doesn't mean I want to be very old and die.

Why cant people live their age while still at least looking young? I'd hate to look wrinkled and scary all the time feeling young inside. I think none of us never really grow up. Its only the physical aspect which grows old, the mind is forever young! No? :)