Thursday, January 28, 2010

The full form of money!

I didnt know what I would write when I wrote the topic but I had to start somewhere and so here it is..

M= Man
O= On
N= Never
E= Ending
Y= Yearnings!!

Hmm , well I think I have done an ok job in a span of 5 mins or less..

Will try to find more definition for the acronym MONEY.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why do we like closed doors?

What a funny question!
Who doesnt want closed doors?
Would anyone sleep keeping the doors of the house open? After all, a closed door gives us security and not to mention a sound sleep.
Strange enough, I think the curiosity to open them is also more.
Would a thief try to get into a house whose doors are wide open for him to enter? He would most probably smell a rat there.

Now my parents live in Kolkata, considered to be one of the big cities of India. And guess what! we dont have a lock, er.. well, we do have a latch but no lock for sure and that latch is also forgotten to be put in place at times. Such negligence!! I see all other apartments have a GODREJ lock at least on its doors and sometimes an extra lock or two.
I was quite upset and asked my father why he did not put a lock there.
He had 2 answers;
1. The thief wont look in an open house.
2. Even if he does he can take away only wealth which is just a material thing, nothing important that he should lose his sleep over.(Now its not that we are under the poverty line but our living standards are very modest to say the least.) One of the merits of modest living is sound sleep, though I doubt if there are any takers to this theory here.

Talking about closed doors, some people even keep their windows locked to an extent that they are opened only for cleaning and closed again. They are so so petrified of natural air, that they prefer to sleep in AC!!
I am not ending my answer to locked doors here, I thought a little more about it and its metaphorical meaning.

Recently I was in kolkata and in a mall there, my aunt was with me and she has an aversion to escalators so we thought to try the lift, but alas! it was jam packed. I asked if she minded the stairs and that a little exercise up the stairs would be good for us. While taking the stairs I wondered about the people in the lift, it was full of youngsters and I thought what a way to conserve energy!! They have closed the doors too, from inside, little do they know that in time the doors are going to get closed eventually albeit from outside and they will have no option but to take the lift only. I dont think the younger generation realises that, its a pity really.

Indians are a fan of closed doors, in the name of traditions/society/religion and loyalty towards parents, we tend to close the doors to the future of our children..
If a child wants to go abroad, we are dead against it, particularly the mothers, we think if they go they will never return. We tie them down, close the doors for them and expect them to be by our side as our support and companion for our old age, we strangle their ability and give them tall lectures of how much we sacrificed in raising them up!! What idiocrasy!!!

Here I'd like to add the proverb
"If you love a person set it free, if it comes back it is yours, if it doesnt it ever was!!"
Guess nobody really loves enough (without a doubt) to set the loved one (child) free.
Closed doors offer security (read convenience) like nothing else, guard from theft, in the lift, use the TV sets as baby sitters ( parents do that to children as they have a million other things to do than to talk or be with their children), get your son to stay with you (indian attitude), to name some...

I came across a couplet (written by a muslim poet) in a novel which is;
"You were looking for the key for years,
But the door was always open!"

A closed door is like a closed mind! Is it not?

Closed doors!! I was wondering do they serve any purpose in the end?

Why all that glitters isnt gold?

What is gold?
Pure gold is a bright yellow metal which shines right through its core and doesnt even oxidies.
A lot of things glitter like gold, but it maybe some piece of cheap metal having a golden colour, which wears off eventually.
Apparently the cover outshines the content because the eye is the first and foremost judge to almost everything. As long as it is shining ( or rather as long as light falls on it) one can pass anything as gold, even human beings.
As such the colour and cover of any metal can be coloured yellow and so look like gold, which is why there are so many fake jewellery in the market and they sell like hot cakes !!!
Fake jewellery, fake people, fake businesses.. the list is endless but the light is on them, so they seem to be incandescent.
Whats more, most of us want to be in their shoes, emulate them, try to outshine others, doesnt matter if our insides are as dull as rusty iron, we want to shine shine and shine and be the center of attraction!

The point to ponder on is , does it by any way make us gold? Sure we glitter on the outside, so much light and focus on us and why not? We are working so much for the outer shine even letting go of our sense of right and wrong, letting go of our morals, but if we are rubbed against stone wouldnt the outer shine wear off after a few rubs?

Ha! who cares? Who wants to see within? As long as the eye is the lawyer and the heart the judge.
I used to wonder why is it that blind men generally have better judgement, now i know the answer, the fact that they cant see is perhaps the reason behind it.

Just like the shine is temporary, everything around is too, even the happiness that comes along with it.
Anything fake has fake returns is all I can say.

Why does the opinion of others matter?

Why is it that what the others think of us is more important than what we think of ourselves?
Why dont we recognise our capabilities for ourselves?
Do we need others to tell us what we can do and what we cant?
Of course parents are there to guide us and tell us whats wrong and whats right for us, but that is the childhood part of life.
When we grow up we stop bothering about opinion of our parents too and are more bothered as to what the world thinks of us!!
Why is there an urgent need for recognition and the feel to be acknowledged by people whom we dont even know?
We think that if I am recognised then I am someone important and feel good about it.
What is right? What others think or what we ourselves know about ourselves?

So what do we do, to get a high opinion, we start by complimenting others and say sweet nothings to them and fish for a compliment in return.
I have met a lot of people and after talking for some time, they are very anxious to know what I may think of them. I wonder if they do not know themselves and how can I say anything about them.. I wouldnt know them as much as they should be knowing about themselves. If at all, I do have an opinion then I wouldnt go beyond the apparent appearance which would just be the cover or the impression one gets by ones looks or apparel.. Its much easy to judge the cover and price them accordingly.
In the process we try to outshine others by layers of cover over us because instead of knowing what we are by ourselves and looking inwards we look for it outside us.

All the time thinking what others think, is to me a perfect waste of time and energy. For all I know there are a wide variety of people and one cannot please all and sundry. I dont even think it is worth the effort!!
I often wonder that when women dress up and wear lots of jewellery and make up trying to look the best, what is it they exactly want? Many would probably answer " I like to dress up and look good."
Its just as well because we want opinion of others and would go to any length to make a good impression. Come to think of it, if everyone is dressing up in style and looking good, then I wonder who looks at whom, since all think they are looking the best and in the end probably look at none.

All I can conclude is that what the content lacks, the cover makes up for it. Hence a person weak in character/virtues(content)probably has to take that extra effort to camouflage his shortcomings. In short to get others to have a high opinion of us we begin by giving more importance to the cover and then all that is actually left is the cover which gains more prominence while the content loses all importance.
Ultimately we lose all that we ever had. Loosing our own self confidence and sense of judgement in the blind pursuit of the opinion of others.

After all, you wouldnt worry about what people think of you, if you could know that they seldom do.........