Friday, March 23, 2012

Multitasking man

Women are more often called multitaskers
Today I saw a man multitasking. I was pleasantly surprised.
I usually thought that I had no patience to become a shopkeeper or even a teacher. Especially shopkeepers seemed to be doing nothing, except endlessly waiting for the customer to come and buy. Their work made me want to go to sleep. I would rather become a labour in a factory where I continuously worked each cell in my body. Being still is so lethargic!!

Now, this man, is the owner of a shop which sells nick nacks, like chips chocolates small items basically.
It was right in the middle of a hot afternoon and I looked at either side of his shop, there were shops like his which had no customers and the keepers were either just staring out into the street in anticipation of spotting a customer, or idlying and almost dozing off.

Why am I so impressed with him? What was he doing? He was basically utilising his free time. A man who had ability to value time and perhaps a sense of time management. He may not hold a degree to get good jobs in a higher office. He may be slow in getting rich because perhaps his expenditure was at par or more to his income for whatever reason (likely a big family). But, I think WOW what efficiency! If I owned a company, I would look out for people who value time and people like him just fit the bill!

He was a bit surprised when my daughter went right up to his shop and took this picture. You can see he is staring right back into the camera!! :P

Please note he is not ironing his own clothes, he takes clothes like a dhobi does to iron them and return to the owners in order to get paid for his services. He is running a two in shop and offering his services and goods via the same outlet.
Ironman plus shopman! isnt it wonderful time management? I don't mind shopkeeping any more. He has shown me that it can be made much more enjoyable!

I found this cartoon picture and I couldn't help relating to enjoying work even if you hate it.

nine pins game, only the ball is the head which is chopped off!! :P

(sorry for those who get offended, but the choppers also need to enjoy their work!!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rewarding is worth it!

I was having tea and like the Tata tea ad (jaago re) suddenly it seemed as if it was the tea which enlightened me.
I usually have a habit of going back in time..
I am quite surprised at my own chain of thoughts..
This is how it all started..
While sipping my evening tea, my eyes fell on the neatly lined up shoes of my toddler.
I was thinking, barely she is 2 and she has such a collection.. So cute it looks small shoes of different colours.
And then, I was reminded of the fairy tale I read in junior school, "the elves and the shoemaker."
The shoemaker is very poor and day by day his fortunes seemed to be dwindling. One night, all he has left is enough scrap of leather to make just one pair of shoes. He tells his wife, he has no ways to survive after he sells off that pair. He cuts the leather to be sewn the next morning. Lo and Behold, when he wakes up the next morning and goes to his workshop, he finds them neatly stitched already. He is amazed at the neatness of the work, but cannot understand who had done it.

A wealthy customer happens to come to buy a shoe and the shoemaker shows him the only pair he had. The customer is so taken by the shoe that he pays the shopkeeper double the rate quoted for the shoe. ( you can read the rest of the story here ) Here I start thinking, how many of us would actually do that? Get a good thing for a less price is something we all like. But, can it happen that a simple honest man sells at a very low rate and the buyer which means mostly people like us, recognises the effort and pays him back double.

Ok forget about being so generous, how many of us if by mistake got something more from a shop than what we paid for would be not ecstatic that we got it free and return it to the shop the next day? Or perhaps sometimes, paid a bill and got more change because the keeper couldn't calculate?
It has happened with me, I bought 4 dresses and they charged me for only 3. Perhaps they faulted in the counting since all were of the same amount. Anyways, I went back after a couple of days, to buy more. They did not seem to remember any mistake, but when they were billing, I told them to add the price of one more dress which i had bought the previous day and charge it to the current bill.

No, I don't do it because I am very good at heart. I am very careless too. Many times, I have left the counter after paying and before collecting the change. Many and I say many because it has happened more than a few times, they have run after me to give me back my change. I wouldn't be knowing if there were any who did not return, because I just seem to be so lost and in such hurry most of the times. I would do the same for anyone because I know how people can be preoccupied with things and make mistakes. I can keep myself in their positions and I can understand them. What I mean is, probably I have the warmth to do it because people have been kind to me. Even if I was duped at any time, I hope to not have a change of heart and start to take out vengeance from other people. Terrorists do this, they take revenge simply because they suffered in the hands of others.

What if we all started to actually go back and paid for things which was by mistake left unpaid?
What if we were to return back honestly a payment excessively made or returned the change because the other forgot to?
What if we actually rewarded with more than the price because we know it is worth more?

I have been able to do the first two, and most would have probably. Thinking of the third one, rewarding when ever I get a chance.. To reward or give more because I feel I haven't given enough payment and that the product or services that I am buying is worth more than what I paid for.

This can be done when we make our employees work for us. Services specially is something which is not measurable in kilograms or litres or anything like that for that matter. Most times, services is measured by the amount of time given by someone. He or She comes for this and this much hours so we pay this and this amount of money. But, many times, The quality of time spent is different, meaning the work done in that time, more work in less time or better quality, more efficiency. Should not people who are in a position to reward, should reward if they get more than their fair amount in return?

I met my cousin recently. He was telling me of his beginning days in the service industry. He said he had joined office full of enthusiasm and in the most optimistic of I will change the world attitude. He told me, whenever there was any problem, he would be ready to deal with it and would want to go to the core of it. But, his seniors neither gave him the time nor the advice to go to the core. So all he would do was just rectify  the mistake so that the process would go on. Today, he says he believes that all that matters is that the job should be done not how it is done. Sadly he has given up and changed with the world. He sees the many recruits who join work as enthusiastic as he once was, but he thinks to himself, its just a matter of time when they will too join him. An incentive or reward perhaps matters a lot.

A friend of mine once told me that he used to go to the hospital for treatment for his mom. when after a month or so his mom's health improved lots and he was so happy with her improvement, he asked for the nurse who used to look after her and asked the doctor if he could reward her separately besides paying the hospital bills. The doctor let him and he gave the nurse a handsome tip. She must be so must encouraged by this gesture and so much more richer in soul because of such deeds.

Would n't the world be a better place and much organised were there people like the gentleman who came to the shoemaker and gave him double the price of one shoe because he saw it fit to be worth more?
Of course, all of us are not corporate bigwigs who have the authority to reward. Surely we can do our little tit bits by raising our voice, by rewarding whenever we feel that we got more than we paid for and not take advantage of honest people?

PS. Make sure you read the story too! The elves got their rewards too!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Heal the world!

The telephone bell rings..
Ring? Ring? Ring? Ring?
There is no one to answer the call

Question 1 : Do you know who the caller is?
Answer 1 : The caller is mother Earth.

Question 2 : Do you know who the receiver is or should be?
Answer 2 : You, me and everybody.

Question 3 : Why is no one answering the call then?
Answer 3 : No one can hear...or perhaps not bothered.

Question 4 : Are you saying people are deaf?
Answer 4 : No, they are just thick skinned. They just don't get it if its not loud enough.

Question 5 : They seem to be picking every other call but?
Answer 5 : Sure, sometimes they are annoyed by the number of calls they get from the telemarketing or banks etc offering them some schemes, hearing of which they first turn pink (blush) because they hear the word free gift or something like that, then suddenly it changes to crimson(anger) when they find that the free is just to lure them so that they can be talked to for some idea they want to sell first.  Apart from this, there is the problem of too much noise pollution and it has also deafened our ears. Too many factories churning out products which we can well live without. We make far too many things and purchase far too many than really required. Everyone is greedy for more. The more they have the more they want.
I tell you people have no time to talk unless it is free, or discounted heavily for that matter. Its another thing that what they think is free is firstly something they don't really "need" and secondly the free is marked with a * which has a fine print in the bottom which is "conditions apply," meaning they are not really free by itself, its just free after you buy something.

Question 6 : Isn't mother Earth offering everything FREE.
Answer 6 : You have a point there. I guess its about economics and dosage. She has been on sale since eternity. So the law of diminishing marginal utility has actually negated the thrill of getting so many things for free. For the layman, this law simply means that if you eat a rosogolla, the first one gives you immense satisfaction. The second gives lesser and so by the time you are having your 10th rosogolla you want to puke, even if you have paid for all 10.
Now imagine how the effect is for free free free.. endless dosage.. the more you have the less you get joy from it.

Question 7 : Hmm, this call seems doomed!! Mother Earth will have to try some other way to call or signal?

Answer 7 : Well, I have been thinking its the skin at fault and not the ear.

Question 8 : Skin? Not the ear? What do you mean?
Answer 8 : Yes, Thick skin. You see people have become more and more thick skinned. The more people talk, the less they do and this has created a noise (as well as fat under their skin because of less doing and more talking) which no one cares to listen to. There is a hindi proverb, "laaton ke bhooth baaton se nahi maante." It means you got to kick people to get them to work. Probably she has to do something big or loud enough to attract attention. 

Our mother is suffering and she is in immense pain, so she keeps ringing.

Question 9 : She has given signals in the form of natural disasters..but she insists on calling more..I wonder why?
Answer 9 : We all know why.. Don't we? She needs to be cared. She is someone who is given us much and unflinchingly still gives. But we take far too much advantage. She is crying for help. We are her doctors. She wont give up, she believes, she will get an answer one day...

" There's a place in your heart, and she knows that it is love."

That is why she is called Mother. Mothers are givers. But, it doesn't mean we only take and not return. She will not use the kick unless we compel her too. We don't want any more earthquakes and Tsunami's do we? Don't you think that the time has come when we should start healing and caring for Mother earth? We should "ACT NOW" or it will become a case of never ever...
Disclaimer: The title and a line is used from a Michael Jackson song.

Thank you voice of india for inspiring me to write this.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


A cousin dropped in today.
This guy is very funny. I mean he was actually funny in a very funny way.
Let me tell you the first time I thought he was really funny.
He was perhaps in class 5 or so. Pretty much a kid.
He came back from school one day in march many years ago. Since we all lived together then, I still remember very clearly that funny day. He had come home from school and his mom checked his question paper asked him the usual, "beta, you knew all the answers na, did you write them all na?"

He said, he answered to all of them, except one. 
"Why, you forgot the answer? his mom asked.
Now just be ready to hear the most funny answer a kid could ever give. 
He said, "they asked the same question in the half yearly paper, I had given right answer then, so they can go and check from half yearly papers, why should I waste time to write again?" 

Today, he is a young lad, I happened to ask him about his graduation results, he said he passed second class. He had an elder sister who was good in studies, and I asked him how much did she get?
Again the funny reply, " oh these sisters are so padhaakoo (studious) types, what they get in one year, I get it in 2 years.
I was looking at him confused.. what do you get in two and they get in one?
He replied in his usual care a damn attitude, " marks.. I get around 80 or 90 max in 2 years and they get it in one year!!

Funny no? 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paradigm shift

A change for the better or worse?
Everything changes, sometimes for or against us. Sometimes we think the change is for good but there is always a good and bad side to every change. It is good to take into stock how much of the good overrides the how much of the bad the change will bring unto us.

We keep harping only on the benefits of change, but sometimes we need to take a closer look at the change. Isn't the world a much changed place now? In the last century there is tremendous change, in the last decade there is a whole lot of change. Are we changing too fast? Do we need to take stock of the pace of change? I think yes.

Paradigm shifts are major changes. Society has undergone a paradigm shift. According to the mayan calendar, 2012 is the year the world will end. I don't see much changes to alarm us in that aspect but I do see one change, which is alarming to me. I see women taking more and more charge everywhere. I see women cut off their lovely locks so that they can go for work unfettered about their looks. I see men, who had shoulders to lay a head to cry or sleep in peace, have now shoulder length hair!! I see the world which was headed by men come to end.

Which woman doesn't want this to happen? Doesn't dream about her man carrying her on his strong arms?!
I am quite capable of looking after myself. This doesn't mean, I am like a man, although I really like a real man. The most primitive instinct in any animal between the male and female is that the male protects and the female serves. The masters of the universe cannot be renamed the mistresses of the universe. As a female, I don't want to dominate, I want to be submissive and demure and all the feminine qualities and let the man be a man. If I take over the roles of men, then men will start to lose authority and many already have. Where do you see a strong spirited man now? All I see are strong spirited women. I am one of them too. But, I can't be dishonest to myself, I can't be truly happy with this change. This change is going against the very law of nature. However strong a woman is, she should try not to overrule a man just because she is strong. Make your man stronger if you are strong. Don't make him meek or you will be sorry.

For example, if you are a woman, and you are attracted to any man, as a woman you would want him to give you a tight hug. As a man he would want to crush you in his arms, right? You would want to yield to his physical strength, that would give you pleasure, the yielding and not otherwise. How can a mouse of a man be able to do that to a lion of a woman? tut tut!

get up MAN. 
A last message (appeal) to all men reading out there, what happened? Where are you hiding? The strong men who gave us our freedom? The men who respected women? You still have the balance of nature in your favour. You can't give up so easily. I wanted to be a man when I grew up, because I love men. Men who are the guardians and saviours of the world. Come on show the women the care you gave them and command respect not demand it. 
Be smart woman, hunting is tougher than cooking!
I am quite strong, I won't take nonsense or male chauvinism. I want to respect men, but men have to earn it too! Don't try to use authority on me, deal with me fairly. I don't ask for discounts, or a separate line for queue, if you can stand long enough so can I.  

Sure, both are at fault. Some bad men who misused their strength and power, abused women. Women in turn left the house and crossed the threshold of their homes, to take on those evil men and become independant. But surely, one must not get too carried away. All men are not evil, and all women need not look at men with contempt. Give a little, take a little. Men and women both need each other, but not try to dominate each other. Man gives woman takes. Keep it as simple as that. 
Keep it simple woman. You ask for dishes and then complain who will wash them?
Many women demand things, which only complicates their lives and instead of blaming the men entirely, think twice, who asked for a big house and more money and demanded so much from men that they had to distance themselves from you and work harder to get you things that he thought would make you happy. Did you not then complain that he was spending less time with you? You decide now, you want to spend time or his money?

I am not implying women are below men. She should be strong and sensible, yet she should not try to put down the man because she is strong, try to boss over him and take his place. She should try to encourage him, boost his confidence and build his psyche. This is for her own good. Nature has meant it to be that way. I am sure any woman, even the strongest will never be a truly happy one, with any man less stronger than her!

Please note; Stayfree is the reason I am writing this. And women could best stay free when she is at home, enjoying the leisurely afternoon naps or cuddling with their kids whenever they want to.
Also, I am not old fashioned at all. And I am not against liberalisation of women. But all I am saying is, a change is good if it has MORE benefits than harm!! Think about it.

Let the men do all the hard work, because they are meant to. No?

( I am sure, I will be sued by feminists!! Help!!)

This post is written for my entry to the contest on indiblogger "Time to change" sponsered by stayfree.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

I almost lost her!

The Kanpur central station announced the arrival of Kalka mail from Howrah on platform no 6.
My husband was coming to receive me. I had my kiddos with me. My daughter was barely 7 and son was 5 then.

"Munni, hold this packet and hold your brother's hand and don't leave it," I instructed to my daughter. There was more than 2 big luggages and we had to hire a coolie. We still had to carry the small bags and packets which seem to keep on increasing in number till we actually get on the journey. I was carrying a small bag and a purse in one hand, with the other I held my son's hand fiercely.

The coolies (porter) have a habit of racing to the exit once the load is on them. One can't really blame them for they would want to offload the burden as quickly as possible so they run literally and  give us a chase after them lest they abscond with our luggages and precious valuables!!
My husband kept in pace with the porter and I was left far behind because I had to match the pace of my little children. It was so crowded and I kept looking ahead and managed to keep my husband in view. Those were not my (meaning I did not own one but my husband did) mobile days yet so getting lost was a probability.
a view of the railway station
After climbing the over bridge and hurriedly walking, I once or twice glanced at my kids and told them to walk faster. They were nice obedient kids (back then). They naturally understood me and tried to sprint to match my steps. I kept my speed nonetheless giving no discount to the kids. I am quite a terror mom :(

My heart skipped a beat as I neared the station exit. I was holding my son's hand and my daughter was nowhere to be seen. I thought perhaps she had raced ahead to her papa. I looked back and forth, it was so crowded and everyone seemed in a rush. A thousand bad things came to my mind. What if she was kidnapped? What if she was never found? OH! what will happen to my little baby? I had tears in my eyes. I shouted at my husband to ask him if munni was with him. He said NO and that almost stopped my heart. He started to scold me for not taking proper care of her and together we rushed back inside the station. I started to shout her name and hoped she was nearby to hear me.

A porter asked me if it was a little girl I was looking for. My heart skipped another beat. There was hope, someone had seen her! He directed me to the station master's room. I ran to the room he pointed and I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my little baby sitting on a stool  sobbing inconsolably.

I was glad it did not turn out any other way. So much can happen with small carelessness. My girl is a big girl now, and I dread to think what would have happened if I had not found her that day? This is one day I cannot forget ever. Now I always pay more attention to my kids rather than the porter and the luggage or anything for that matter!!

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