Monday, March 19, 2012

Heal the world!

The telephone bell rings..
Ring? Ring? Ring? Ring?
There is no one to answer the call

Question 1 : Do you know who the caller is?
Answer 1 : The caller is mother Earth.

Question 2 : Do you know who the receiver is or should be?
Answer 2 : You, me and everybody.

Question 3 : Why is no one answering the call then?
Answer 3 : No one can hear...or perhaps not bothered.

Question 4 : Are you saying people are deaf?
Answer 4 : No, they are just thick skinned. They just don't get it if its not loud enough.

Question 5 : They seem to be picking every other call but?
Answer 5 : Sure, sometimes they are annoyed by the number of calls they get from the telemarketing or banks etc offering them some schemes, hearing of which they first turn pink (blush) because they hear the word free gift or something like that, then suddenly it changes to crimson(anger) when they find that the free is just to lure them so that they can be talked to for some idea they want to sell first.  Apart from this, there is the problem of too much noise pollution and it has also deafened our ears. Too many factories churning out products which we can well live without. We make far too many things and purchase far too many than really required. Everyone is greedy for more. The more they have the more they want.
I tell you people have no time to talk unless it is free, or discounted heavily for that matter. Its another thing that what they think is free is firstly something they don't really "need" and secondly the free is marked with a * which has a fine print in the bottom which is "conditions apply," meaning they are not really free by itself, its just free after you buy something.

Question 6 : Isn't mother Earth offering everything FREE.
Answer 6 : You have a point there. I guess its about economics and dosage. She has been on sale since eternity. So the law of diminishing marginal utility has actually negated the thrill of getting so many things for free. For the layman, this law simply means that if you eat a rosogolla, the first one gives you immense satisfaction. The second gives lesser and so by the time you are having your 10th rosogolla you want to puke, even if you have paid for all 10.
Now imagine how the effect is for free free free.. endless dosage.. the more you have the less you get joy from it.

Question 7 : Hmm, this call seems doomed!! Mother Earth will have to try some other way to call or signal?

Answer 7 : Well, I have been thinking its the skin at fault and not the ear.

Question 8 : Skin? Not the ear? What do you mean?
Answer 8 : Yes, Thick skin. You see people have become more and more thick skinned. The more people talk, the less they do and this has created a noise (as well as fat under their skin because of less doing and more talking) which no one cares to listen to. There is a hindi proverb, "laaton ke bhooth baaton se nahi maante." It means you got to kick people to get them to work. Probably she has to do something big or loud enough to attract attention. 

Our mother is suffering and she is in immense pain, so she keeps ringing.

Question 9 : She has given signals in the form of natural disasters..but she insists on calling more..I wonder why?
Answer 9 : We all know why.. Don't we? She needs to be cared. She is someone who is given us much and unflinchingly still gives. But we take far too much advantage. She is crying for help. We are her doctors. She wont give up, she believes, she will get an answer one day...

" There's a place in your heart, and she knows that it is love."

That is why she is called Mother. Mothers are givers. But, it doesn't mean we only take and not return. She will not use the kick unless we compel her too. We don't want any more earthquakes and Tsunami's do we? Don't you think that the time has come when we should start healing and caring for Mother earth? We should "ACT NOW" or it will become a case of never ever...
Disclaimer: The title and a line is used from a Michael Jackson song.

Thank you voice of india for inspiring me to write this.

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  1. That was a kind call for mom Nature.

  2. A thought provoking article.....let us join hands to save our Mother Earth.