Sunday, March 18, 2012


A cousin dropped in today.
This guy is very funny. I mean he was actually funny in a very funny way.
Let me tell you the first time I thought he was really funny.
He was perhaps in class 5 or so. Pretty much a kid.
He came back from school one day in march many years ago. Since we all lived together then, I still remember very clearly that funny day. He had come home from school and his mom checked his question paper asked him the usual, "beta, you knew all the answers na, did you write them all na?"

He said, he answered to all of them, except one. 
"Why, you forgot the answer? his mom asked.
Now just be ready to hear the most funny answer a kid could ever give. 
He said, "they asked the same question in the half yearly paper, I had given right answer then, so they can go and check from half yearly papers, why should I waste time to write again?" 

Today, he is a young lad, I happened to ask him about his graduation results, he said he passed second class. He had an elder sister who was good in studies, and I asked him how much did she get?
Again the funny reply, " oh these sisters are so padhaakoo (studious) types, what they get in one year, I get it in 2 years.
I was looking at him confused.. what do you get in two and they get in one?
He replied in his usual care a damn attitude, " marks.. I get around 80 or 90 max in 2 years and they get it in one year!!

Funny no? 

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  1. You bet it was sincerely funny, and that line about sisters, they always seem to be more studious, than us brothers, how true.