Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday prayers

My seven year old nephew is very God fearing and is ready before noon to offer his friday prayers.

Today being a friday, he had a special wish to ask from God!

He was seen earnestly praying and offering his salaat.

When I asked what was it he was asking Allah.

He replied, " Allah and Satan fought and Allah won. So Allah has locked Satan in the bathroom."
So he said he was asking Allah to please take out Satan from the bathroom and lock him elsewhere because it has become very difficult for him to go to the bathroom even during the daytime And he is so scared that Satan may hurt him inside the bathroom.

Amazing wishes of the kids!

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Monday, June 13, 2011


I still use my maiden name.
My father asked me if I would change my title to that of my husband's name after marriage.
I was very clear about it. I would never change surname and I gave a valid reason.

"Husbands can come and go but there will never be another father."

Of course going by the same reason, what if my mom married someone else? Wouldn't I have another father?
Was I right in giving such an answer? What made me think my parents had no right to marry again while I thought I had all the rights to do the same?

Strange what we think of others and what we can think of ourselves!!

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