Monday, June 13, 2011


I still use my maiden name.
My father asked me if I would change my title to that of my husband's name after marriage.
I was very clear about it. I would never change surname and I gave a valid reason.

"Husbands can come and go but there will never be another father."

Of course going by the same reason, what if my mom married someone else? Wouldn't I have another father?
Was I right in giving such an answer? What made me think my parents had no right to marry again while I thought I had all the rights to do the same?

Strange what we think of others and what we can think of ourselves!!

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  1. In the territory where i live, an initial stands for the name of papa,and after marriage a girl changes the initial to that of the husbands name.

    I have been very vehement in that, how can an initial change?

    My lady has also felt so and has still now refused to budge.

    Now she has come with a strange combination, her initial stands and she has added Venkhat to Uma,which is not practiced in this part.

  2. my wife still keeps her maiden name...only because the hassle to change the surname does not worth it (we hate court)...what's in the name anyway...

  3. my wife had retained her name..we never saw the need to change it...why the need for further proof for what in fact is a contractual agreement? marriage is , i feel , despite the wedding...i feel its ur choice...and it appears to be still urs choice..