Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chashme buddoor

When I was in class 10, I really studied like I never studied before, and I hoped that the long hours of strenuous exercise of staring into my books would earn me a cooool CHASHMA! (power glasses to show off my studious self) !!! :P
I complained of eye pain and imagined letters blurring and narrowed my eyes frequently to give myself the illusion that my eyes were definitely weakening now! I even strained my eyes by staring so much and rarely blinking that it brought tears to my eyes and reddened them.

My mom at last convinced that I wasn't pretending about my eyes, took me to the eye specialist.
The doctor checked my eyes and then put some drops in my eyes.
Soon, my vision blurred, and I couldn't see anything in front of me, and then I was secretly ecstatic.. wowowow i would be getting glasses now!!
What I did not know was that those drops was just to enlarge the pupils so that the doctor could have a better view of the insides of my eyes.

The doctor then checked my eyes and then made me wear several glasses and asked me to read letters big and the smallest on the wall!!
I rattled off the big letters and deliberately slowed down more than was necessary to read the fine print..but read them all almost effortlessly.
The doctor then pronounced my eyes as sharp as an eagle. He gave me no more drops and said that I should give breaks in between studies and wash eyes if it reddened, otherwise I was completely fit and fine!

I think I studied quite hard, meaning as hard as hard means to me. So then what did the others read so much that they looked so studious with their thick glasses! I still dont wear chashma though now I own one .25 powered glasses just to wear it sometimes to show how serious types I really am ! :P

Disclaimer: the title is the name of the film and it is only used for the sole purpose of getting more traffic.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As every other child, I loved scribbling.
No, not on paper, but on walls!!

When nobody was watching I would make a dash for the wall and start writing/drawing/scribbling..whatever!
But, I always got caught and punished each time.
Slowly I gave up the habit for fear of punishments. :(

But I didn't do it anymore didn't mean I didn't have the urges to do it anymore.
Once papa announced that the painters would be coming the next day and the house was going to get painted.
I instantly found my urges calling again!

I would scribble and scribble and scribble and this time since the walls was going to get painted, no one would even punish me. So I took out my crayons and wrote and drew and what not!
I knew it wasn't just me who loved doing it and so I called up my cousins who lived close by and invited them to the first ever of its kind scribble party. And were they delighted? Well, we all squealed and scribbled with all our might. Soon it became a kind of competition, about who scribbled best?

Who wrote the most? Who drew the largest?
In short who made the wall most dirty?
Soon, the all the walls were full of crayon marks and we did not even leave the ceiling. We got up on stools and ladders and completed the job!

Phew! it was fun and that day all my urges were satiated!
The painters who came to paint the next day was horrified to find such walls and boy they had a tough time (a week approx) cleaning the walls and scraping off the crayon before they could paint it. :P

I still wish to have a scribbled wall which is never painted so that I can just look at the wall and go back in time!!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Somehow I hated movies where the heroine always succumbed to the hero's charms and fell for him lock stock and barrel. Sometimes the hero saved her from gangsters or an evil family member etc.
I was irritated by their behaviour. There are people who sometimes help during emergencies, it is done by anyone who would be present there.. but why the hell do you have to fall in love with that guy??

I wished there was a movie or a story where the heroine never says YES til the last scene! Phew!
The movie came and though it bombed at the box office, I loved it.
It was an Amir Madhuri starer called "Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin.

I have done the same, my love stories ended where and when they all proposed!
The moment, they said I love you, I lost all interest in them.
I don't know why? but I found no thrill and desire left to love back.
Come to think of it, the saying of I love you was the death knell of the relationship!

I still don't believe in love. More than love itself, I hate the proclaiming of it!
If you really loved, do you need to say it?
Isn't love a feeling to be felt? and not heard?

"If you love me, I will know it." Shazia

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


I was 6 when I first tried to steal.
It was in picturesque Kashmir, where I lost my moral virginity.
We were floating on the Dal Lake and along came another boat laden with silver jewellery and artifacts.
I took a payal (silver anklet) and was busy putting it around my ankle for fit and look. When I looked up, the boat shop had left us and apparently my parents had not wanted to buy anything.

I had mixed feelings.. Should I tell or just keep it?
For the moment I decided to keep it. After all, it was the shopkeepers mistake he didn't take his ware back when he turned his boat shop. I don't think papa or mommy would have bought it for me, in any case.
Maybe it was destined to be with me.

I kept thinking and justifying the reason for it to be with me.
Was I a thief now? Naah, I didn't deliberately steal it.

After a lot of inner turmoil, I finally gave in to my conscience. I tugged at my mom and held out my open palm with the payal in it. She was shocked and admonished me for keeping it with me all this while.. She immediately told papa and he instructed the boatman to start a search for the mobile boatshop.
Luckily we found him pretty fast and the payal was returned to him.

I have never forgotten this incident..somehow!!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Only look old.

Its so strange but we realize we are also getting older by comparing people of our age.
As long as we compare the actresses of the same age as us.. we think we are young by their standards... Aishwarya doesn't look 38.. No Ways.. and I am younger than her.

But, during my last visit to my parents place.. I met my old friends.. some friends I met after almost 17 years and God! have they grown old??!! I cant believe it.
Its been quite a catch up of what happened after we went our ways.. the ups and downs the struggles and smiles..

All these years my mind recollected only the image which was stored when I last met them.. and it was a much younger image than what I saw, when I met them last month.
But, in our hearts we might have never grown because we felt the same as we felt then..
Sure we are parents now.. but meeting with them revived childhood memories which was so refreshing, we felt we were kids again!