Monday, July 4, 2011

Only look old.

Its so strange but we realize we are also getting older by comparing people of our age.
As long as we compare the actresses of the same age as us.. we think we are young by their standards... Aishwarya doesn't look 38.. No Ways.. and I am younger than her.

But, during my last visit to my parents place.. I met my old friends.. some friends I met after almost 17 years and God! have they grown old??!! I cant believe it.
Its been quite a catch up of what happened after we went our ways.. the ups and downs the struggles and smiles..

All these years my mind recollected only the image which was stored when I last met them.. and it was a much younger image than what I saw, when I met them last month.
But, in our hearts we might have never grown because we felt the same as we felt then..
Sure we are parents now.. but meeting with them revived childhood memories which was so refreshing, we felt we were kids again!

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  1. time waits for keeps ticking....
    reunion of friends..that is always fun...