Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As every other child, I loved scribbling.
No, not on paper, but on walls!!

When nobody was watching I would make a dash for the wall and start writing/drawing/scribbling..whatever!
But, I always got caught and punished each time.
Slowly I gave up the habit for fear of punishments. :(

But I didn't do it anymore didn't mean I didn't have the urges to do it anymore.
Once papa announced that the painters would be coming the next day and the house was going to get painted.
I instantly found my urges calling again!

I would scribble and scribble and scribble and this time since the walls was going to get painted, no one would even punish me. So I took out my crayons and wrote and drew and what not!
I knew it wasn't just me who loved doing it and so I called up my cousins who lived close by and invited them to the first ever of its kind scribble party. And were they delighted? Well, we all squealed and scribbled with all our might. Soon it became a kind of competition, about who scribbled best?

Who wrote the most? Who drew the largest?
In short who made the wall most dirty?
Soon, the all the walls were full of crayon marks and we did not even leave the ceiling. We got up on stools and ladders and completed the job!

Phew! it was fun and that day all my urges were satiated!
The painters who came to paint the next day was horrified to find such walls and boy they had a tough time (a week approx) cleaning the walls and scraping off the crayon before they could paint it. :P

I still wish to have a scribbled wall which is never painted so that I can just look at the wall and go back in time!!
picture from here


  1. Shazia,oh u mischievous graffiartist, u should have saved a picture, an imagination of the scribbling party sounds terrific, am sure no one offers such parties like u did.

  2. Yeah I know I should have saved a picture!!
    :( :(

  3. as fas as i remember ya scribbling wala idea was mine ,as i had first made a landscape on the wall :) and yez i am good painter wat say big sister Aahan !!!!

  4. I wanted to be there tooo :( tch tch