Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Somehow I hated movies where the heroine always succumbed to the hero's charms and fell for him lock stock and barrel. Sometimes the hero saved her from gangsters or an evil family member etc.
I was irritated by their behaviour. There are people who sometimes help during emergencies, it is done by anyone who would be present there.. but why the hell do you have to fall in love with that guy??

I wished there was a movie or a story where the heroine never says YES til the last scene! Phew!
The movie came and though it bombed at the box office, I loved it.
It was an Amir Madhuri starer called "Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin.

I have done the same, my love stories ended where and when they all proposed!
The moment, they said I love you, I lost all interest in them.
I don't know why? but I found no thrill and desire left to love back.
Come to think of it, the saying of I love you was the death knell of the relationship!

I still don't believe in love. More than love itself, I hate the proclaiming of it!
If you really loved, do you need to say it?
Isn't love a feeling to be felt? and not heard?

"If you love me, I will know it." Shazia

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  1. "If you love me, I will know it."...that is what my wife says...it has been over 7yrs and you know that she has never said i love you to me... she always tells me that she is going to say it to me one special day..i am still waiting for that day...

    but you know what...both of us believe in love...

  2. it depends on what they mean or imply when they say i love u...is it an ackowledgement of their feeling, or perhaps its to proclaim it so that the relationship can move into another zone or its said as a habit. ..maybe its said to know... like u will know without him saying it and he will know once he says it...

  3. @Sub,Your wife shares my views!

    @Tys, hmm ..interesting.

  4. I have never heard that from my lady,but that i am sure does not mean she doesn't care,nor show concern and passion, or jealousy , or anger or more.

    One does not need to show love in words, for what is felt in the heart, and when it gets expressed, it would be too shallow, and a dump for the one who wanted to say what one felt.

    when a simple feeling cannot be typed let alone LOVE.