Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chashme buddoor

When I was in class 10, I really studied like I never studied before, and I hoped that the long hours of strenuous exercise of staring into my books would earn me a cooool CHASHMA! (power glasses to show off my studious self) !!! :P
I complained of eye pain and imagined letters blurring and narrowed my eyes frequently to give myself the illusion that my eyes were definitely weakening now! I even strained my eyes by staring so much and rarely blinking that it brought tears to my eyes and reddened them.

My mom at last convinced that I wasn't pretending about my eyes, took me to the eye specialist.
The doctor checked my eyes and then put some drops in my eyes.
Soon, my vision blurred, and I couldn't see anything in front of me, and then I was secretly ecstatic.. wowowow i would be getting glasses now!!
What I did not know was that those drops was just to enlarge the pupils so that the doctor could have a better view of the insides of my eyes.

The doctor then checked my eyes and then made me wear several glasses and asked me to read letters big and the smallest on the wall!!
I rattled off the big letters and deliberately slowed down more than was necessary to read the fine print..but read them all almost effortlessly.
The doctor then pronounced my eyes as sharp as an eagle. He gave me no more drops and said that I should give breaks in between studies and wash eyes if it reddened, otherwise I was completely fit and fine!

I think I studied quite hard, meaning as hard as hard means to me. So then what did the others read so much that they looked so studious with their thick glasses! I still dont wear chashma though now I own one .25 powered glasses just to wear it sometimes to show how serious types I really am ! :P

Disclaimer: the title is the name of the film and it is only used for the sole purpose of getting more traffic.

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  1. i remember an advert " how do i look,? you look good ya"