Monday, September 19, 2011

Greedy unlimited!!

I was a greedy girl.. Always greedy for more.. and not just more, it had to be more than everyone else!!

During my childhood times, a Sunday escapade would mean either an outing to the Victoria maidan, Outram ghat or infrequently to eat at a south indian or chinese restaurant. Rarely did we go to the theatres. Movie going was such a hassle, booking tickets beforehand or pay in black, the amount often double the printed value.

I for one would never miss an opportunity to go out, unlike my sister who preferred to stay at home with our granny. I loved icecreams and when the icecream wala came I promptly had one for myself and gobbled it up even before my parents and sister had decided for themselves! Of course, I did this for a reason.. so that I culd have another and I did always have two because papa couldn't see me looking at him like a dog with its tongue hanging out while he ate his ice cream!!

The same goes for everything else in life.. Yeh dil maange more ( and not just more, more than the rest!! ) :P

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Monday, September 12, 2011

tongue and paper

The word of the tongue is no longer in vogue
The word on paper makes you rich or a pauper
Character is doomed and wealth just zoomed!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

daunting daughter!!

The other day my father in law was telling me that I should start to care for my daughter's looks
Make her wash her face as many times in a day and that will make her look fairer!

He insisted that only fair girls were likely to get a good groom for herself. I was listening to all this and said nothing. My daughter was right there and after he had finished with his sermons, she whispered to me, "mom, do people even "now" look for "fair" skin girls?

Cant say, if I got an answer to her question as well!!
Time will tell!!

Recently she has been asking me strange questions and giving me snappy answers, stirring inside me thoughts about my own childhood and was I as mature as she is at the same age??

A friend of mine who is a mother of 2 grown up daughters tells me that her daughters hate her to come online and on facebook, they tell her to act her age, go and pray and always remain in the service of God!!
She warns me to beware of my daughter who will soon be a grown up and hate my coming online and doing anything which is unconventional for a typical housewife!

She has already told me on the sly that I should be more like her nani, (my mother)  the epitome of the sacrificing and ever genteeel  mothers of the 80's!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

bhaag shazia bhaag

One of these days, I will simply run away!
I have a deep desire to just leave everything, wipe my footprints and get lost.

The day my desire is backed by stronger emotions and ability to run away, I will.
The demon inside me is always instigating me to run away.

I am trying hard to control it, but I may lose one of these days.
Till then, my friends, enjoy or bear my presence!!