Monday, September 19, 2011

Greedy unlimited!!

I was a greedy girl.. Always greedy for more.. and not just more, it had to be more than everyone else!!

During my childhood times, a Sunday escapade would mean either an outing to the Victoria maidan, Outram ghat or infrequently to eat at a south indian or chinese restaurant. Rarely did we go to the theatres. Movie going was such a hassle, booking tickets beforehand or pay in black, the amount often double the printed value.

I for one would never miss an opportunity to go out, unlike my sister who preferred to stay at home with our granny. I loved icecreams and when the icecream wala came I promptly had one for myself and gobbled it up even before my parents and sister had decided for themselves! Of course, I did this for a reason.. so that I culd have another and I did always have two because papa couldn't see me looking at him like a dog with its tongue hanging out while he ate his ice cream!!

The same goes for everything else in life.. Yeh dil maange more ( and not just more, more than the rest!! ) :P

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  1. i guess being greedy is human nature ..!! specifically when we r kids ..! i was a very jealous and greedy kid (:P)... bt i cant say that i have grown out of this habit ..!! i still want more, if not the best atleast the 2nd best .. bt i want it ..

  2. Shazia, this is only the first step, as compassion and sharing comes only when one has things to share,maybe it is only a matter of time when one comes to show u that path.

    Those who have nothing to give, need to first get greedy, the innocent kind.