Saturday, October 1, 2011

drive woman!

The other day while driving my husband lost control of his car. The road was a bit wet and slippery and we just about missed having an accident!!
My husband gave me an apologetic look and I smiled back and said, "its okay, you are allowed these mistakes!" As long as there was no accident or harm done, no need to change seats!!

Now I told him, if it was me who had been driving and skidded over, but not caused any harm, my husband would have immediately blamed the whole of women folks.. "oh you women don't know how to drive at all, which idiot gave you the license? blah blah blah!!
Stop the car right now and get off the driver's seat right now, all the time screaming and giving angry looks!!

It used to happen a lot when I started driving, people always jeered at me. Some policemen just stopped me even for no fault of mine. Taxi drivers yelled when they passed me. Once I got so instigated with another taxi driver because he made a remark as he passed me that I raced after him, overtook him and barked #$@#$#$@# back at him. I still remember the look he had on his face!!

Nobody gets away with me!!

That song is quite apt from the film "Ready, main karoon tho saala character dheela hai!" :P

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  1. For the humor and courage,"nobody can get away from you".
    Women whether u know to drive cars or not, "you can sure drive us men well".

    No need to have a licence, it is inborn.

  2. ha your husband reads your posts???LOL

    a current survey said that among the rash drivers in Delhi 78% of them were women :P
    may me women in delhi are more stressed :)