Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My Sir called me a loafer and guess what?
I am one.

I remember when he arrived to teach me, I used to get terribly upset.
Seeing him at the door turned me off. The smarta.. that I was, I would pout and make a huge fuss about him coming at the wrong day and time. He usually had no fixed time to come and teach. If he wanted,he could even come on a Sunday.
Being a disciplinarian with regards to time management, (loafers are beeg time managers, they just know what they need time for) I had self banned studies on a Sunday. He on the other hand, made it a point to arrive on a Sunday, and No, he didn't come in the mornings, he usually came to spoil my evenings!! urrghh!
He would plead me to do just one problem and promised me he would go after I did it. Obviously he picked out the toughest which took me more than an hour to solve!!

He always spoiled my Sunday outing plans and I got pissed. He said I was a loafer to be wanting to go out each and every Sunday. He taught me till the day I gave my boards, and then he taught my brother.
Once while visiting my parents, I needed the car which my brother had taken with him as he was taking tuitions from Sir. I called my brother and asked him to get the car. Sir asked him what it was I wanted. When my brother said, didi wants the car, he said, she is still a Loafer!!! :O She must be needing the car to to go out and loaf around!!!!

hmm impressing impression!!

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  1. I am a loafer of the wheaty kind.

    In our school we had bread served, at all meals irrespective of the other dishes.

    I carried that with me all through college and service.

    I was teased that bread is what folks ate when they were sick, and i was eating all times which meant i was ....

    Shazia u a plain loaf, er or jammed and buttered?