Saturday, October 15, 2011

To hell with heaven!

Whats in heaven for women anyways?
I have heard them saying.. heaven is full of overflowing rivers of milk, honey and wine!!
And of course hoooors and apsaras (beautiful women)!!

Now what do I get?
milk? I stopped drinking it even before my milk teeth fell!!
honey? a spoonful is ok, but rivers??
wine? tasted it and cant say it really turn me on!!
beautiful women?? eeeeks !! I am no lesbian!! (sorry to lesbians)

To top it all the men who make it to heaven, the dull slow and boring types?? Get the point?
Whats life(even after death) without someone interesting?

With no offense to Ram, because I am no Sita! I am in love with Ravan
I have tried I swear, but I have never identified with Sita ever.
And these serials nowadays depicting Sita in every daughter in law and a Kaykeyi in every mother in law, greatly pisses me off. Even the filmmakers seem to be smitten by Ravan and all top notch actors only want to do a Ravan. Can I help it if I am in love?

I have decided, heaven is not for me, so to hell with heaven!!

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  1. loved this post Sazia :)
    i always found heaven hell with it :)

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  2. All my friends are there in hell, so u know where i would like to go.
    Glad u hate heaven, there are no options left.
    Welcome to hell shazia.
    Hell is where the fun is ,Shazia i think u can promote it well, in the replies.

  3. Thanks Sub for loving it!!

    @Venkhat, You know what I say to people when i am angry with them? I say GO TO HEAVEN!!

  4. a wonderful, creative effort!

  5. Haha.. I second you on it.. But hells seem ugly .. and heaven sounds beautiful.. Relaxing.. PEaceful.. Soothing.. So you know you can work hard in this life.. have alot of noisy parties and all that and relax in Heaven =D