Monday, January 31, 2011

making India proud..... my kids way

I will make India proud by Filling in the blanks:-
Just like the exercises we do in school, I must try to fill the blanks of the car, by picking up school going children in the morning, if my car has space for more.

I will make India proud by Completing work before time:-
A simple act like doing things on time will do wonders. Imagine doing things today instead of tomorrow and in the process getting tomorrow for free?
Just like we get things in market, buy one and get one free. Do my work today and get tomorrow for free, free, free! Nice, no?

I will make India proud by Defining life:-
Each of us is unique and has the capacity to be useful in one way or the other. I must find ways to be as useful as possible in preserving precious resources, by making use of my legs more than the car, and by doing small errands for family and friends.
I believe a proud me can only make a proud India..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Purana zamana

My kids hate everything from purana (old) zamana (times).

When I listen to old songs they make a puking face and they are puzzled by what do I like in them..
According to them , it is un hearable (read unbearable too). They like the latest ones and the ones of which the words are inaudible and the instruments are too loud, for eg the latest Robot songs!! it goes like neutron electron neelen naino mein bolo kitna hai? (:O=shocked)
They keep asking me what were the songs which were good when I was their age and they make fun of them too!!

Last time I went to my moms, I got my old Wren and Martin, but my daughter refuses to study from it and wants me to buy a new one.. the complaint is the same.. it is puraane zamaane ka so I don't understand it!
I have tried to explain to her, that the examples and the exercises are the same and that she just needs to practice those and a new book in a new cover might have the same contents, but she is so full of scorn for anything old!

I forgot to mention, they even dislike me talking and making friends with much older people!!

Fly away

This again is a ride back to childhood wishes and dreams..
I always wanted to fly, not fly in airplanes, but naturally fly ..not in an aircraft, not strapped to a machine..just flying like the birds do.

Once I saw a hindi movie and the heroine was flying hanging on to a bunch of colourful gas balloons. That caught my fantasy, and I was always on the look out for the balloon wala so that I could buy a bunch and fly.
I did buy with all the money I had then, made a bunch and when all was set, I didn't budge an inch off the ground :(.
Why do they show things like this on TV?
Why don't they think before showing such stuff?
It only broke my heart, to realize that it wasn't possible.

When my son was small, he used to tease the street dogs on the street. My uncle once warned him and said that the dog may turn and bite him, if he continued in this manner. Guess what he said? He replied and very confidently, that when the dog would try to bite him, he would turn around and run so fast, that he will be lifted off the ground and start flying!! :O

We have had so many inventions in the last century, lifted off something which is tonnes of steel..Oh god! when will we start flying?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

info on net

When I started on chatting, I always had my full info on my profile, my tel nos, address, picture!
A friend said I shouldn't have these details out and I removed it. Some time later, another friend said, I shouldn't have even have my picture there.
Do I sound like the two men and a donkey?
If you don't know the story of the men and the donkey. It goes like this..there were these men who were crossing a forest with their donkey with them.. One stranger passed by and remarked that they should have taken use of the donkey and rode it instead of walking with it.. A little later another said that they were so cruel to animals and that they shouldn't be riding the poor donkey!
NO, my case isn't exactly like the above story. With all respects to each his own, I do think I did the right thing by listening to my friends and that the internet is really a public place and all my info will be accessible to good and bad people alike!

Thank you for showing me the way.. :)
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rat race

I have decided I wont be a part of the rat race..
I am having so much fun..
The one thing the racers would be immensely upset about is the absence of one of  them.. especially the one who was giving close competition..
What would it be like to run alone?
To win because there was no one to lose?

As an audience, I feel so much relaxed and at peace..
I also feel a compassion and pity those who are still running, at the cost of their own money.
This is a race which has no finishing line.. keep running (read spending)

My father said that "everybody wants to be different and a step above the common, no one wants to be identified as one of the masses." How true! yet I don't think one really needs to work to be different, we are all different and will remain so. But our ego in our minds thinks we aren't and only those who think that they are inferior, work to become different by spending more money, being unique in our dressing and to look the best.

By not being a part of the race, I proved myself to be different in itself and more importantly, when I am different I don't need to work (read spend) to be different!

On a more serious note, Life is much more easier and comfortable now, and to be one of the masses isnt a bad thing after all!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

inSPYre to cOpy.

A friend on one hand always accuses me of plagiarism and on the other says that, "imitating is the best form of flattery."

Recently I saw a movie with a disclosure that it was inspired by a hollywood flick of yesteryears.. The hindi film industry found a nice word for me.. "inspire."

I thought about it and concluded that, thats what I do, I am only inspired by this friend of mine, I don't copy nor do I imitate for flattery, I am just simply inspired!!

The word has the word "spy" hidden in it, and I have been actively spying too, cant help it, because it comes with the word, a package deal! :P

I hope this is satisfactory and hope it asserts the nerves of the offended.. I mean the inspirer!

New improved!!

New improved, is it? really?

Today I was at the food bazaar and had gone to buy a dettol soap .. I found the green covered original dettol but there were other yellow and pink dettols with new improved written on it .. my husband picked it up and said it must be better,, it has new improved wirtten on it..

I am not sure if at all it is.. the original is like the vanilla ice cream, the others are just variants but nothing can beat the basic quality and taste of vanilla. more so it can be used with a brownie, or fruits or a coke!
can you do that with any other flavour?

Earlier people used the word new when there was something really new about any product but now they use the term and attached an "improved" to it only to make it more saleable and appealing to the masses.
Am not blaming them though, they are doing what the masses really make them do..
if new improved catches the eyeballs and sells , so be it!

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New language

2 b 4got10.. r u der? m f9.. wassup? ty, ttc, lmao
Did it make any sense?

Today I saw my daughter chatting with her friend
she was doing nicely till I saw her typing a "to" and then hurriedly erasing it to change it to a "2"
I was alarmed, though I started to do the same when I started chatting, but thanks to a friend I mended ways early. I told my daughter that just because her friend was using slang abbreviations she shouldnt just copy it.. I explained to her that it is a bad habit and that she should try and think before trying to emulate anyone.. It is a bad habit and habits are easy to develop but die hard.. sooner rather than later all these short forms of chatting make your way into your academic notebooks and then a new language is evolved.. which is pretty much like !#^&*()^#  confusing to say the least.
I take some time deciphering the codic language, wonder if it is the same with others too!

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By the way I dont know if anybody noticed but "codic" happens to be a slang as well!

Hair cut

Looking at a couple from behind, it has started to become increasingly difficult to say who is the guy and who is the gal? Their dresses arent different no more..and now even the hair... :(

I met my cousin brother, and he has nice long hair, and did I forget to mention, straightened? I straightaway told him to cut his hair or else I would ask his would be bride to cut hers. I asked him what made him keep a long hair? I supposed that women dress and keep her hair the way men like it, and men dress, etc, the way women like it. I asked him if he would ever like a woman with short boy cut or crew cut hair, and he said no. Likewise I explained, we women preferred our men with short hair.

Appeal to all boys... have a hair cut please!!

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