Monday, January 24, 2011

info on net

When I started on chatting, I always had my full info on my profile, my tel nos, address, picture!
A friend said I shouldn't have these details out and I removed it. Some time later, another friend said, I shouldn't have even have my picture there.
Do I sound like the two men and a donkey?
If you don't know the story of the men and the donkey. It goes like this..there were these men who were crossing a forest with their donkey with them.. One stranger passed by and remarked that they should have taken use of the donkey and rode it instead of walking with it.. A little later another said that they were so cruel to animals and that they shouldn't be riding the poor donkey!
NO, my case isn't exactly like the above story. With all respects to each his own, I do think I did the right thing by listening to my friends and that the internet is really a public place and all my info will be accessible to good and bad people alike!

Thank you for showing me the way.. :)
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  1. Shazia, the more mysterious u are, the more the spirit of chatting, and a good long lasting relationship, and u can avoid unnecessary trouble from the other kind.

  2. Hey Venkhat, nobody ever said I was mysterious. I think I should take that as a compliment..:)