Tuesday, January 18, 2011

inSPYre to cOpy.

A friend on one hand always accuses me of plagiarism and on the other says that, "imitating is the best form of flattery."

Recently I saw a movie with a disclosure that it was inspired by a hollywood flick of yesteryears.. The hindi film industry found a nice word for me.. "inspire."

I thought about it and concluded that, thats what I do, I am only inspired by this friend of mine, I don't copy nor do I imitate for flattery, I am just simply inspired!!

The word has the word "spy" hidden in it, and I have been actively spying too, cant help it, because it comes with the word, a package deal! :P

I hope this is satisfactory and hope it asserts the nerves of the offended.. I mean the inspirer!

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