Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hair cut

Looking at a couple from behind, it has started to become increasingly difficult to say who is the guy and who is the gal? Their dresses arent different no more..and now even the hair... :(

I met my cousin brother, and he has nice long hair, and did I forget to mention, straightened? I straightaway told him to cut his hair or else I would ask his would be bride to cut hers. I asked him what made him keep a long hair? I supposed that women dress and keep her hair the way men like it, and men dress, etc, the way women like it. I asked him if he would ever like a woman with short boy cut or crew cut hair, and he said no. Likewise I explained, we women preferred our men with short hair.

Appeal to all boys... have a hair cut please!!

Picture from here and here

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  1. i just had a hair cut, my lady hates it when it gets a bit longer than usual.