Friday, January 28, 2011

Purana zamana

My kids hate everything from purana (old) zamana (times).

When I listen to old songs they make a puking face and they are puzzled by what do I like in them..
According to them , it is un hearable (read unbearable too). They like the latest ones and the ones of which the words are inaudible and the instruments are too loud, for eg the latest Robot songs!! it goes like neutron electron neelen naino mein bolo kitna hai? (:O=shocked)
They keep asking me what were the songs which were good when I was their age and they make fun of them too!!

Last time I went to my moms, I got my old Wren and Martin, but my daughter refuses to study from it and wants me to buy a new one.. the complaint is the same.. it is puraane zamaane ka so I don't understand it!
I have tried to explain to her, that the examples and the exercises are the same and that she just needs to practice those and a new book in a new cover might have the same contents, but she is so full of scorn for anything old!

I forgot to mention, they even dislike me talking and making friends with much older people!!


  1. Haha! This reminds me of a time I scolded my mom and told her to take the opportunity to grow young with us - I must have been 16 or so.

    Today I have older friends and she has friends my age.

    Your kids will live to regret it if you take a liking for their music, their friends and their world. They'll fall in love with your purana zamana soon!:)

  2. hi,
    Hopefully they day! :)
    till then, I am growing young with them too!!

  3. i just cant seem to like the things, my kid likes in movies, good lord what noise and violence