Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New language

2 b 4got10.. r u der? m f9.. wassup? ty, ttc, lmao
Did it make any sense?

Today I saw my daughter chatting with her friend
she was doing nicely till I saw her typing a "to" and then hurriedly erasing it to change it to a "2"
I was alarmed, though I started to do the same when I started chatting, but thanks to a friend I mended ways early. I told my daughter that just because her friend was using slang abbreviations she shouldnt just copy it.. I explained to her that it is a bad habit and that she should try and think before trying to emulate anyone.. It is a bad habit and habits are easy to develop but die hard.. sooner rather than later all these short forms of chatting make your way into your academic notebooks and then a new language is evolved.. which is pretty much like !#^&*()^#  confusing to say the least.
I take some time deciphering the codic language, wonder if it is the same with others too!

Picture from here
By the way I dont know if anybody noticed but "codic" happens to be a slang as well!


  1. I stopped using net jargon too when I realised that they think like that as well (even now when I laugh my mind goes 'lol':).

    But once there's a language to go with a culture, even in the virtual world, you have to learn it to fit in or you'll get isolated. I wouldn't be surprised if your daughter gets drawn into using jargon again just to satisfy her social need to belong.:)

  2. hi,
    I know what you mean, but i want to avoid it for as long as i can, and its like that for me too when i laugh! (rofl)

  3. i am a loud mouth and like to spell out all my words, these are only for short mouthed lazy ones, i am not yet into it, i was trying to decipher all the tacks shazia, some i could not find out still.