Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rat race

I have decided I wont be a part of the rat race..
I am having so much fun..
The one thing the racers would be immensely upset about is the absence of one of  them.. especially the one who was giving close competition..
What would it be like to run alone?
To win because there was no one to lose?

As an audience, I feel so much relaxed and at peace..
I also feel a compassion and pity those who are still running, at the cost of their own money.
This is a race which has no finishing line.. keep running (read spending)

My father said that "everybody wants to be different and a step above the common, no one wants to be identified as one of the masses." How true! yet I don't think one really needs to work to be different, we are all different and will remain so. But our ego in our minds thinks we aren't and only those who think that they are inferior, work to become different by spending more money, being unique in our dressing and to look the best.

By not being a part of the race, I proved myself to be different in itself and more importantly, when I am different I don't need to work (read spend) to be different!

On a more serious note, Life is much more easier and comfortable now, and to be one of the masses isnt a bad thing after all!

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  1. Shazia i agree with u in this that once u opt out of this race,u could be more free and comfortable,i too am not in this race.

    Nice to have a companion in this play.

    Who ever wins in this rat race is still a rat.

    Thank goodness we are out, and refuse to enter the contests.