Saturday, September 19, 2009

Money Measures

Money measures and one can be measured by it.
This is a very usual and popular form for measurement.
Of course we buy goods which are measured by units of money.
What we have also started doing is measuring people with the amount of money that they have.
If one asks others how do you judge others, most would never accept the fact that it is the amount of bank balance a person has which is used to gauge a person. What a person has is generally what he is able to buy. We judge the possessions of people by knowing the market value of people.
Lets see how.
I remember once my mummy wore a nice pair of ruby earrings, which looked pretty expensive.
I congratulated her on her new possession without even once doubting the fact that it could be artificial and worth a few hundred only, untill she confessed it to me.
On the other hand if my maid or someone who is poor would have worn that pair of earring I would have never thought that it could be real even if it looked real in all sense of the word.
Strange but true!!
We try to also measure the possessions by the standards of people and thier capabilities to possess it.
Some people like to show off even if they dont have the capability to own certain things they borrow it, buy things which look close to real and try to imitate and copy the lifestyles of the rich and making an overall richer appearance than he really is.
There is so much need to be recognised and it is mostly with the help of show off of money wherein it is possible.
I have seen very very few people who live far below his real standards, most live far above thier standards. A growing evil, more so in these times.
In olden days people hid thier money and showed only the tip of the iceberg, (just like they hid thier wives) but now i see more and more people flaunting money more than necessary.
The impact this has on the have nots is not at all bothered on. There are huge buildings erected by the sides of slums and they live side by side, not even once contemplating that the cycles could turn down soon for either of them ...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Money Power

What does money signify?
It signifies power

Why was money created?
It was created so that power could be measured.

Who has money?
The powerful have money.

What do they do with money?
They manipulate the world (sometimes even God).

Why do they do that?
Money is the only thing on which the laws of dimishing marginal utility doesnt apply, and hence the hunger for money never diminishes, and its like the taste of blood an animal has which makes it hunt for more and more and more ...
When a man is rich he can do anything he wants and is in full control of a lot of things. He can combat difficulties and crisis without any bottlenecks. Once he knows that he is invinscible, he becomes egoistic and tries to manipulate.

Can he be stopped?
The only way he stops is when money moves away from him and the basic nature of money is to keep moving, hence completing the balancing act of nature.