Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why do we blame?

A "bad" carpenter always blames his tools!!
A "believer" says "All happens with the will of God!"
An "estranged" couple says "Its all because of our parents that we married even though we werent compatible."
A "failed" student says "I wanted to do something else, but was forced to study!"
The list can be endless.....
We rarely see anyone admitting his/her faults..
When we blame we shrug off our responsibility and are reluctant to accept our weaknesses!!
What happens is we seldom or never learn from our own mistakes..
Everybody loves to point a finger at others...

My mummy told me when I was young,"When you point a finger towards others, three fingers point back at you." One of the few lessons of life I try not to forget!!
My faults/mistakes are 3 times more than others!!
From now onwards I point the finger at myself and the rest 3 point at the world!! cool!

Although just passing the buck, sometimes does solve the pressure of the problem..
One gains a kind of self empathy and accepts whatever has happened quite easily...
But this passing the buck is like a pain killer.. all it does is numb the after effects! but the pain/loss is still there , one only overlooks it!!

Like my mom says.. " hum acche tho sab acche" meaning when I am good everybody else is good too.