Monday, January 31, 2011

making India proud..... my kids way

I will make India proud by Filling in the blanks:-
Just like the exercises we do in school, I must try to fill the blanks of the car, by picking up school going children in the morning, if my car has space for more.

I will make India proud by Completing work before time:-
A simple act like doing things on time will do wonders. Imagine doing things today instead of tomorrow and in the process getting tomorrow for free?
Just like we get things in market, buy one and get one free. Do my work today and get tomorrow for free, free, free! Nice, no?

I will make India proud by Defining life:-
Each of us is unique and has the capacity to be useful in one way or the other. I must find ways to be as useful as possible in preserving precious resources, by making use of my legs more than the car, and by doing small errands for family and friends.
I believe a proud me can only make a proud India..


  1. Shazia , these words suddenly seem to be written by a kid inside u with a matured person outside, like we get to school after our holidays and write things.
    i liked the way of preponing things, to get the next day free, nice idea, let me try to put it into practice.

  2. hi Venkhat,
    I wrote it for my daughter.. she had to submit it to school.. so glad you liked it!!