Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Man with SINGh

I think I was very small, for I have a vague recollection of this incident, but it is so funny I must write it to share.

There was this uncle of mine who had friends who visited the house quite frequently.
The first time one friend came (that is the first time I heard of him).
My uncle came from outside and said his friend Singh had come along with him.

There went my imagination, it started to imagine a man with SING meaning horns.
I was curious to see the horned man, and I was eager to go out and see him. I sneaked past everybody and went out and saw a slim built man sans horns on his head! I looked around but he was alone. I kept staring at his head and wondered where the hell was his horns? How come I couldn't see it? Maybe he hid is in his hair, because they were small horns! I thought I would have a better view if he sat down, because he was so tall and I was tiny.

He came in and I was still staring and searching. Then he sat down and I had a better view, still no horns.
At last I couldn't keep my trap shut and asked aloud, " Where is the Sing on his head?"
I don't really remember what happened after I asked this. I only know that to this day, when I am reminded of him, or meet him which I did recently after a very very long time, the sing episode just flashed in my mind!

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