Monday, February 21, 2011

7 khoon Maaf

I saw this movie last night. I have not been able to rate the movie because I had a splitting headache after watching it. I cant say why I had that headache for two reasons..firstly my baby was crying during the movie and secondly it was quite a dark movie which might have strained my eyes!

I have never reviewed movies in my blog but it is interesting how one person reviews a movie and the other may disagree or have a different view about it, so I am going to give it a shot. I am starting this with this movie because I read that this movie has got mixed ratings, while some have given it a 4 star some have given it as less as 2 stars. Since I watched this in the multiplex I am inclined to give a snapshot as to what the audience remarked for the movie during the interval and after the movie was over .. its interesting to catch on what others have to say immediately after they have watched the movie.

The movie is about a girl played by Priyanka Chopra who was married off by her father to a very eligible but lame soldier played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, but he has an evil character .. too jealous and possesive and ruthless, so she has no choice but to dispose of him. She tries very hard to make her marriage work with the second played by John Abraham who is a singer but turns into a drug addict. The third is a muslim poet played by Irfan Khan in Kashmir who is a very soft spoken urdu poet during the day but a sadistic lover by night.The 4th time she is reluctant to marry but she is coerced  into marriage by the russian but he turns out to be an agent with a wife in each country. 5th is a Viagra popping police officer who demands too much off her, in exchange to burying facts/proofs against her for disposing off her husbands. 6th is a doctor played by Nasiruddin who cures her through mushrooms and then intends to kill her too with mushrooms (remember little mushroom is medicine and too much mushroom is poison). The 7th husband is played by Ruskin Bond himself, who is the writer of this story, which is taken from one of his short stories called Susanna's seven husbands. The 7th murder is left a mystery in the end.. !!
She kills each one with the help of her loyal servants played by Usha Uthup as her maid, her horse jockey and her butler, before marrying the next one, probably because she is a person who doesn't like any loose ends hanging in her life!! The execution of each murder leaves you wondering how is she going to kill the next one, because all of them are done differently, as well as leaving no clue for the police to make her look guilty.

The story revolves around the main protagonist known as Mrs Rodrigues,Susanna, Suzy, Sultana, Anna, Sunaina, and Saheb, in the movie! It was narrated by her stable boy (wonder son of Nasiruddin, Vivaan Shah), her adopted son who had a secret crush for her or rather was it the other way round?

During the interval, the audience was almost crying back for their money, there were loud groans of how bad the movie was and some also thanked god they took the front seats..After the movie, almost everyone kept asking each other..hey who was the last one? the father (Ruskin Bond)? Arun(Vivaan)? Or was it Jesus himself? Christ!!

I know you want to know if I liked the movie.. well the movie inspired me to write about it, such as no other movie has.. and made me google everything about Ruskin Bond and his short stories. I found that I had forgotten that one of his short stories was my favorite in school, called, "The eyes have it." A most complex story writer with a simple style of writing!

Sometimes, some parts or a dialogue of a movie stay with me forever, in a way gives me a lesson or an anecdote on life.. This movie had 2 of it, the first when the narrator Vivaan remarked that people marry in  hurry and repent in leisure and the second where Nasiruddin explains the importance of less and more in life taking the example of the mushroom which if taken less is a medicine and if taken in excess is poison... cool!

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  1. oh thanks for putting up the review..!! i will not watch this movi now..!!!! even i will end up with a headache after watching this movi..!!! Ur review was interesting ..!!!

  2. Shazia good to see u making words on a movie to make a person who has already seen the movie review his thoughts, and for the ones to see, "should or should not go for the show.

  3. I did not watch the movie.. so cannot comment on it. But I should say - be aware of the copy right laws while reviewing a movie :) !! Anyway your writing is always electrifying!
    Ohh, you did not write the message carried by the movie!

  4. @ Naazla.. I dont think you should see this movie.. it will spoil your lovey dovey image of love itself!
    @Venkhat.. Thanks for the words of encouragement!
    @The speaker.. The movie carried no message as per me, only perhaps that maybe too much husbands is also bad for health.. rofl!

  5. hii..thanks for the visit.. :-)

    and u just saved many of us from a headache..!!!
    even i was thinking of watching the movie..but might be not watching this..that too after reading this review..!!!!

  6. Hey, loved this review, Shazia!! You must review more often - see how many of us loved it?:)

    I thank you too for saving me from my curiosity by talking about the overall darkness level - I really curse filmmakers for their obsession with filming without light in this decade - so many! lol

    [And I don't worry about copyright - filmmakers welcome reviews and critics. They need the publicity as much as anyone else. I'm sure they'll be grateful enough not to prosecute us.:p]

  7. @ the madrasi, thank you too!!

    @Yoda, yeah I didnt know film reviewing would turn out to be so good and I am almost famous overnight.. (many comments)rofl!
    but i am going to be only reviewing one at a time.. and only those that strike a chord within me, at least for the time being!
    Thanks a ton for the encouraging words!