Sunday, February 6, 2011

Law of attraction

Now this is one thing I do believe in so much so, that I couldn't list it in my earlier post ( and wrote a separate post for it altogether!

It is said that when one wishes for something with sincerity then everything within the universe conspires to grant the wish... This is called law of attraction..
Some of my wishes did come they are...think I was lucky :)
1. I wished I had every relation in life.. for eg.. apart from parents, grandparents which thankfully were one each, I had one brother and one sister and I wished that I had one at least for all in laws (brother sister etc). One son .one daugther.. in short I wanted a taste of all relations!!
2. I wished I stayed in a house, not a flat or apartment, but a house which had lots of rooms (and lots of people).
3. I had an aunt who was evergreen, meaning she never looked her age. When she was a mother of 3 and above 30 years of age, she enrolled in a dance school with me and the teacher thought she was 18 only! I wanted to age like her.. gracefully.

All the above has been fulfilled, but for those which hasn't, I think maybe my longing for it, wasn't enough a force in itself to be fulfilled! I am not cribbing at least! (sigh)
Keep smiling ! :) :)

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