Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats the hurry?

I know what you must be thinking? (If you have read my earlier blog on doing things today and keep tomorrow free). No, I am not contradicting myself. There are certain things in life for which we should be able to say to ourselves, "whats the hurry?"

Imagine there is a movie releasing and you like watching movies, but whats the hurry? let the reviews float in and then waste or enjoy your money.

Imagine being in love and you want to marry as soon as possible, but again, whats the hurry? Give more time to the relationship and if you can stand each other for a fairly long time, tie the knot.

Imagine going to a shop and you spot something you fancy, whats the hurry? ( I want a tablet PC, :( )

Imagine reading a book and its so thrilling and full of suspense and unputdownable. Do you take a sneak peek to the last page? I hope not. For that will take the suspense out and the book wont be as attractive as it was earlier.
Same logic to some things in life.. and for life itself, live it at leisure! Whats the hurry?
Another one I thought could be used for road signs "HURRY TO BURY." If you drive in a hurry, you are dead and buried :(

Picture from here.

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