Sunday, February 27, 2011

ants point of view!

We always talk of a birds eye view, An over view of things from the highest heights!!
Lately I am thinking from the ants point of view..
How does an ant see things?
How does an ant see the world as?
Do we look like dinosaurs to them?
Can it happen that we become extinct and then the ants would come into power and they would rule and see us in museums they built? :P Just a thought!

The good thing about the ant is, that they can see the bird, but the bird isn't aware of the ant.
I dont know why I feel like an ant, I think I feel I am doing exactly the same things each day in and day out! I don't have much to feel happy about except perhaps my memories which are so memorable!
Ever seen the ant? They go on doing their work in the most ordinary way and achieve extraordinary results!

I think I identify to their lifestyle, get up and wash, cook, clean, eat, sleep and then wait for the next day to wash, cook, clean....The only difference I think perhaps is that they are fitter and work much harder than I ever could and nothing extraordinary in my work too!

I think I feel small, in the sense that I am unable to change or bring about a change in my life! The only difference between me and the ant is that the ant probably doesn't think as much as I do!

I read something today on the ant's psyche, and then I realized why I felt like the ant. The ant works in the summer and rests in the winter, remember the ant and the grasshopper story? There are 2 things I like about the ant even though I cant say I am totally like it, even though I say I identify with it.
1. The ant works beyond its capacity, it can and does carry loads twenty times its own weight.
2. It has nerve control, meaning knows that the good times (summer) will not last and that the hard times (winter) would be back soon.
This reminds me of my favorite song, "aane wala pal jaane wala hai." A song I listen to in good and bad times!

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  1. This is beautiful...sketching it for my art sketchbook!!! My art teachers gonna lovee it