Wednesday, February 23, 2011

red hot

I must write about my ID.. its called redhot and it has misled people so many times..
Althought I must admit I feel a bit awkward when I have to give my ID to someone.

I created this user ID during the time hotmail was in vogue. Actually my first was hotshazia but I forgot the password and then it was lost. Later I made another and I added RED.
Why red? Because its my favorite colour and hot looked cooler with a red prefix! :P

People who know me call me redhot!
Mind you, redhot can mean sexy but in my case it means redhot rage :@
I used to be very short tempered!
No one tried to cross me and incur my wrath.

But actually, I was very nice to people who were good to me.. but the evil in me increased manifold if anyone crossed me. It happened quite often that I exhibited my temper too often! This led to me being known internationally as a very angry girl! relatives abroad ask even now.. not how are you? instead they ask, How is your temper?

The name of course suits me to the T, and it has stuck, though it has added more meaning to it..
Some companies have also copied me like Eveready ..give me red, and recently Vodafone too (kidding)
But a friend has been calling me redhot radio mirchi, giving a whole new dimension to my nick cum ID. This of course has to do with my constant banter which has also resulted in the formation of this blog!

All said and done, I must say redhot is cool and the IN thing! rofl!

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