Sunday, February 13, 2011

not a penny more not a penny less

I wonder why people say all the time.. I must give this to my child lest he is deprived of it like I was .. this should never happen to my kids.. he wont have his childhood spoilt like I did!!"
What I don't understand is, whats wrong with you? Do you think you are a bad person and you blame it on your upbringing? In other words, you blame your parents?
Granted there were less amenities before and hence you might not have had a lot many things to make life easy..but then I think that was more of a boon than a curse!!

let me explain why I think like that.
If I am a normal person who has had a not so bad childhood and one who has done fine for himself cannot complain that he has had a bad life.. so what if you were deprived? You are still a good person.. does deprivation makes one bad? NO.. I don't think so .. in fact I think deprivation, in more ways than one helps in us the ability to strive to work harder .. to have a goal in life..Imagine if you got everything, would you be a better person ? I think not.
Just like a top quality diamond, which is formed by undergoing various temperature and pressure changes!
You don't get a good job done without no sweat? No pain = no gain!

I want to bring up my kids just like I was brought up, and believe me that's a far tougher job than bringing them up differently, because while I didn't have things because those things never existed, it is even more difficult to say NO to them ...more so because their cousins or friends have it so why cant they?
As much as we blame the younger generation for their faults, we forget that it is the older generation who raised them in the first place!!
I will bring them up just like I was brought up.. not a penny more , not a penny less!!

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  1. I agree with you completely on this.

    There's more pressure on parents to provide today because they didn't have the same. But self-denial is the key to denying the kids of something too. I see raging battles when kids perceive a double-standard.

    If only more parents chose a simple life and were discerning in their choices, to lead by example, I think we'd see fewer technobrats around.:)

  2. very true.. we can only lead by example and I am trying to do just that... and the effects are showing slowly slowly :) :)