Friday, February 4, 2011

First Day First Show!

No, I am not talking about the first day first show for new releases.. This was kinda my motto for my marriage day!

I have been a staunch supporter for arranged marriages, and within that a firm believer that the boy and the girl must not meet or talk even on phones before their marriage..

I was married just before the turn of the century so I cant be called someone from GenOld (well, thats what I thought the word should be for people belonging to the older generation)
I dont regret the fact that I never spoke to my husband, remember I am talking of telephonic conversations, and meeting was definitely out of question.

If people asked me, if I spoke to him and when I shook my head, they wouldnt believe me. I always answered that I preferred the “first day first show”, no previews or sneak peek.. :)

Though I must admit, it was at one point of time very tempting, because there was no one to stop me! My parents being very liberal, never objected to my talking to boys and would have never objected me talking to my fiancĂ©e! In fact I know they would have been happy, if I did.

Well, I must give credit to my husband who was my partner in this crime, that is if you see this, kinda first day first show, as a crime!

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