Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wish I had asked for something else!

I think I am quite superstitious. My lines on my hand says so too.

Today I wished that I get my broadband back and the next minute the man from the telephone exchange was at the door. I thought, what if I had asked for something else? I believe, the moment I wished, was the golden moment of fulfillment, and if I had asked for something else, maybe a foreign holiday I would get it!
Silly of me. No? But I am like that. And there is no harm in thinking!

Sometimes the glass breaks and I think, the harm was diverted to the glass and so it is a good sign.
Sometimes the crow caws and I think, maybe someone is going to drop in the house.
Sometimes I hurt myself and I think, God punished me for some wrong I did.
Sometimes going somewhere is so full of bottlenecks and I take it as a sign that I shouldn't go there, at least not today.
And I am quite reluctant to cross the path which has just been crossed by a BLACK cat.
Did I forget the black tongue? My god! I am terrified of black tongued people and stay away from them.
hmm.. quite a list! :P

Things that I don't believe meaning not superstitious about are the number 13, I think it is a number and that too a good one. I don't believe in falling stars and making a wish. Neither do I believe in gemstones (we don't get lucky wearing a stone).

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