Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashionable me!

Picture from here 
I never liked to follow anything even fashion for that matter!
When there was a fashion for long dresses I wore short ones..

I remember I wore clothes like the bell bottoms and flared pants of the 70's and I am talking of the 90's.
My mom had a couple of nice dresses of her hay days, and I wore them and stunned everyone. I used to love the attention it got me. I particularly liked one of her fluorescent green bell bottom and jacket,and I even wore it to a school function and heads turned around! So,all the fashionable girls were left behind and I stole the show!

Once upon a time, (it is a fairy tale for me) I was wearing one of those long jumpers with parallels, and it had vibrant stripes which complimented me so well! I was at an ice cream parlor with my sister and an aunt, and as usual being glared at by all.. (maybe I looked like a cartoon out from the 70's, but I like to think otherwise!)
There was a group of young girls and boys, and one of them suddenly came towards us and asked me where I got the dress, I was wearing from? Before I could answer, my aunt said hurriedly, "She is a designer, but she makes only for herself." I gaped at her but smiled at them and didn't really know how to react! I could see they were disappointed, and asked again if I was sure about not designing for others. Again my aunt interrupted and didn't let me say anything. :( sad!

rajasthani lac jewelery
I still dont follow fashion, and I love dressing up in the various traditional outfits of Indian states. Last year I wore a bengali ensemble in white and red saree at my cousin's wedding. A couple of months ago, I was a Rajasthani, replete with a tie and dye suit with their typical lac jewelery and maang tika I love! I am thinking south Indian wouldn't be a bad idea for the next season! And then Assamese, Kashmiri.. Isnt India great??


  1. I hope u have taken pictures of all the modelling fashions of the different states for the coming times of sharing pictures of the fashionable lady Shazia

  2. :) The above jewellery is mine.. taken while on a trip to Rajasthan a couple of months ago. It depends on where I go this time around and able to buy things from the respective state!!
    I really love dressing up in traditional attires.