Friday, January 28, 2011

Fly away

This again is a ride back to childhood wishes and dreams..
I always wanted to fly, not fly in airplanes, but naturally fly ..not in an aircraft, not strapped to a machine..just flying like the birds do.

Once I saw a hindi movie and the heroine was flying hanging on to a bunch of colourful gas balloons. That caught my fantasy, and I was always on the look out for the balloon wala so that I could buy a bunch and fly.
I did buy with all the money I had then, made a bunch and when all was set, I didn't budge an inch off the ground :(.
Why do they show things like this on TV?
Why don't they think before showing such stuff?
It only broke my heart, to realize that it wasn't possible.

When my son was small, he used to tease the street dogs on the street. My uncle once warned him and said that the dog may turn and bite him, if he continued in this manner. Guess what he said? He replied and very confidently, that when the dog would try to bite him, he would turn around and run so fast, that he will be lifted off the ground and start flying!! :O

We have had so many inventions in the last century, lifted off something which is tonnes of steel..Oh god! when will we start flying?

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  1. Shazia, i have imaginations of u as a slim belle who could model at Paris,or the local Chennai museum.
    May be the balloons were filled with heavy air, and did not lift off.
    Happy flying, may be your kid will come out with an invention in his time, for natural flying .

  2. hehe.. nice of you to say that.. but i am not sure i am light!! lol!!