Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Divorces galore!

Nowadays I see so much strife between a husband and wife.
Reason is simple.. the roles have reversed. earlier it was the husbands who wanted a meek and docile wife, nowadays its the women who want a meek and docile husband. If the husband isn't understanding (read meek enough) he is out.
I don't know how many would agree to what I am observing.. I am a woman and maybe I am one of them, or maybe my husband is too good to be true!

I have been wondering about the bygone days when women were not allowed to go to school or have any formal education. There was a perfect balance and harmony maintained in the society. The girls were taught from the beginning to look after the house, to cook, clean and serve.

Its isn't entirely the fault of women. Now, they are treated as equals as long as they are in their parents house, equal amount of money is spent on both girls and boys for their upbringing and education. But, as soon as a girl enters matrimony, she senses the differences soon, and sure enough she cant stand it!
More over women want to do the neat work, go to the office and bring in the money and earn equal respect in the family.

When I see the matrimony ads, most demand for a nice fair and "educated or graduate" girl. I was wondering how long would this go on? It might happen that the menfolk realises that the less educated the better.. A sad thing for women though, but like money goes into the head of people and clouds reason, education seems to have done the same to women.

All this woman power and woman equality is anyways not my cup of tea. This only validates that a woman is powerless and not equal at all. If a woman proclaims she is an equal why does she demand that a man leave his seat for her in the bus or expect him to do all the heavy work?

So, finally I am seriously contemplating, whether to send my daughter (currently 5 months old) to school or to teach her some essentials, so that she is able to get around in the world herself, and more about homework! She would be someone rare then, and less educated would be in high demand and low supply.. no?

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  1. A home schooled daughter with be the best girl of the town, and the mom will raise to a state of a good teacher too.

    Needs a lot of thinking for this topic, divorce is some thing unheard of in our villages, but things are changing with education, girls going for work is slowly coming into vogue here.

    Yes, your husband is too good to be true.to make all these words flow.

  2. It is going to be a risk if I really do it my way.. :)
    Just like it was a challenge to send girls to school, it will be likewise in the current environment NOT to send girls to school!

  3. lol, I knew a lady who would make her daughter eat alone on the floor while the rest of the family sat at the dining table because she said her MIL might do the same. Ruined their mother-daughter relationship from the word go.

    Give your daughter more than you got and she may find an even better husband than you did.:)

  4. I am impressed by Yoda!
    really gifted to see things.. and interpret in the right way..
    I guess I must be just like any other parent and not experiment on her..

  5. Happy New Year, Shazia, and may the year bring you great joy.:)