Sunday, December 12, 2010

I village

I miss the village where I spent most of my vacations.
I miss the bageecha (orchard), where we played the whole day.
I miss the haystack, where I hid when we played hide and seek
I miss the bullock cart ride, which took us to the fields.
I miss the soft soil rolling beneath my feet while ploughing the fields.
I miss the (delicious) mango trees, sugarcane fields.
I miss the swinging on swings on the branches of the trees.
I miss the railway tracks, walking on them and reaching the village market at the village station.
I miss placing the 5 paise coin on the rail tracks, so that it gets flattened by the train when it passes by.
I miss the dhobi ghaat where we went for picnic
I miss the drama and dance show we put up for entertainment ( no TV then ).
I loved the way my cousin engineered the curtain raising ropes.
I miss the snake dance my sister did while another cousin used the torch to give the lights effect!
I miss playing the business game for days on end, and cheating by bribing the banker.
I miss playing hide and seek, lock and key and of course antakchari.
I miss the scary feel walking alone in the bageecha and hearing each sound the dry leaves made when I stepped on them.
I miss filling the bucket from the handpump and then rushing to the toilet which was out of the main house.
I miss bathing behind a screen and always having someone to stand guard, fearing somebody might peep.
I miss the charpoy, ( though sometimes it pricked my bare skin)
I miss the burning of the dried cow dung to keep flies and mosquitoes away.
I miss counting the stars and wishing to be lucky enough to see a falling star.
I miss having to travel miles in an overcrowded rusty jeep, to a relatively bigger village for a movie treat, which anyways showed older movies.
I miss the goats, chickens and the cows around me.
I miss the look the village children gave us when we arrived there and sometimes chased us when we went somewhere..
I miss.... will be updated as and when I remember what I miss

Picture to be uploaded later


  1. Shazia u sure did seem to have had a wonderful childhood relishing them to the best to have them still at your heart.

  2. I have a habit of remembering all the good times I have had and relinquishing the bad times... :)

  3. Shazia,if u plan for a vacation back to the village, may be Yoda and i would back pack to see u relish all the good things again,and we have fun too.

  4. :) My village is so remote.. i failed to find it on the google maps..
    Still, I hope i go back someday especially with my kids... and of course I will miss half the fun without my cousins..
    And both of you are cordially invited.. :)