Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I used to be a very compulsive shopper. I did not take much time in selection and when I liked something, I wanted to own it. Sometimes mummy managed to stop me from over buying, and the times when I heeded her warnings, I always thanked God, I didn't buy in the end.
She used to say, don't buy it now, look for some more, give it some thought. The shopkeeper (to lure me in his net) said, "this is the last piece and that he wasn't sure if I would get anything like this later." I felt torn, whom to listen and whom not to. Mummy on the other hand was very confident about not buying, she used to say," of course we wont get something like this later, but we might get something better than this later."

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Looking back I realize how right she was! The things I hurriedly bought always turned out to be in bad taste, and then I was stuck with it. Tis true, bad habits die hard, but I never give up.

My shopping behavior was markedly frenzy. I had difficulty in not buying. There were 2 reasons I justified myself for buying it.
1. I usually fell in love with the article at first sight.
2. I felt an obligation to the shopkeeper to buy, because he had worked so hard by showing me so many, and I couldn't let him down.

Now, when I go shopping, I don't buy because I am in love with it (or with the idea of buying it). I look at it and say to myself, "thats a good looking thing on the shelf, but if I buy it, something better will occupy that space, and again I would want to buy it, and again." I shall keep waiting till the best thing came along. More importantly, I would only buy it when I really require it.

People buy/consume as if there is no tomorrow. Little do they realize, that if they use up all their resources today, there would indeed be no tomorrow left...


  1. I always thought a beauty girly always brought down the whole shop before she decides to pick an item, or else leaves the sales man sweating and panting to try another shop.( sales girls will understand and agree there is another of their kind)

    May be this is a rare girl with a bit of extra Alberty intellegence and accepts mom s words.

  2. I suppose you are right, a woman can be the best (no man can buy as much as a woman can) and worst (no man takes so much time to buy one thing) of all shoppers!
    I always pity those shops which are exclusively for women and not to mention the poor ladies tailors...