Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why hold the "old"?

Why do we expect our elders to wait on us, look after our house when we are out, when its they who have the first right to enjoy life, go out whenever they feel like. I say, they should be given privilege over anything and everything, because now, they are at the end of their road, let them be free, let them fly away, don't scorn them when they have fun, when they want to sing, let them sing and don't frown and say things like " budhi ghori laal lagaam" literally means an old horse with red harness, simply meaning an aged woman who tries to behave like young girls by being flashy or with regards to behavior. Why has society built a wall around their emotions? Don't they feel caged when they want to do something on an impulse? For God's sake they are old and the more wiser, they wouldn't do anything foolish, and even if they did, they have earned to be foolish more than the foolish youngsters!

Most Indians cringe at the sight of their parents go on for a holiday, spend some time together, that they could also be in love with each other, and had maybe shelved all their honeymooning plans because kids were small, have to study,etc, can want to have sex, in short can want to be happy which is independent of children's happiness.
The good thing about the west is that, they don't squirm when they see their parents as a couple. In some cases, when there is only one parent, the adult kid doesn't object and in fact rejoices if the single parent is able to find him/herself a partner for the rest of their lives. They might be having ulterior motives of their own, and think that it was a good thing, because now they wouldn't have to babysit their single parent anymore. Thats a bad thing about the west, the kids don't want to have parents around much longer than required.

How nice it would be, if we could ape the west in being liberal with our parents and let them LIVE. Of course I don't mean blindly ape them and keep them away from us when they need us the most. Cant we do that? Is it so hard to see through them and their anguish? Is it right for them to keep waiting for the right time? Don't we realize that they are too OLD to hOLD on?

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  1. From generation to generation people had been selfish and egocentric. People of one generation do not care about the other! Like other creatures in the nature ( I think ) human, too, one generation should not depend on the other in the name of so called 'hierarchy'. Then many problems will be solved automatically.