Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look a Lamborghini

I saw this on the roads of Calcutta
It took my breath away.
Had seen this only on photos or movies..
It was like a star.
Everyone around started clicking pictures.

As usual, I also took a couple of pictures, but since I was driving, I took time to get a nice shot and in doing so, drifted off to another direction!
What did one lamborghini do to my senses?
I wondered if I could get so awed only by a glimpse of it, what would happen if I touched it? Better still, sat on it and what if what if.. I got to drove it.. Jeez!!

I could see a "hey look A Lamborghini!" writ large on everyone's face.
Do I seem obsessed? Well, maybe yes. I was aghast, surprised, flabbergasted, astounded, blah.. blah..  I could go on!


  1. The race car sure looks stylish and adorable, for all i know it could be any of the Greek or any other unpronounceable names.

    (cars and women have class, and we men look at them so.
    women would get angry thinking we men reduce them to machines, the truth is we raise the status of those machines to emotion filled beings.)

    For us villagers any thing other than the Ambassador is a foreign car, the latest we saw was a maruthi,now all the sleek models, get afree ride for bookings.

    All cars with a flow and fiber,glass and metal, get all the adjectives u made for that yellow model.

  2. Incidently, I came to know that this was bought from someone in Tamil Nadu, and its a second hand car..
    I think you are also from the same state?