Thursday, December 16, 2010

Child :)

I just saw in a news on TV that a child was found abandoned in a bag. A couple found it and reported to the police station. The child was being given to an NGO for support but the couple who found the child is ready to keep it.
I was wondering what made the child's parents leave it just like that!
If it was a girl child, then we all know the reasons for disowning it.
But what reasons there could be for a male child?
I thought perhaps, that perhaps it was a bastard..

Now our society is such that it doesn't accept a bastard, so the mother probably has to discard the child for fear of dishonor. But the same society wont mind if a child is picked up from anywhere and then adopted.
Why this difference? The child in an orphanage could be an orphan or a bastard, but society would be OK with it, if the child is raised by foster adopted parents.

A child is so lovable and it must really hurt to be separated from it, but some people are so courageous, or are they more a coward, who give up their child for fear of society. Is society so ruthless, to separate mother from child? Why punish the child for no fault of it?

A famous poet said for Kashmir, "if there is heaven on earth, it is here."
I beg to differ, "if there is heaven on earth, its on the smile of your child's face." Blissful indeed and I am blessed and blissed.
my angel

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  1. A child is the closest to what we can see of Nature in human form.

    For me that sums up on Children.