Friday, December 10, 2010


Redye Redesign Redress

I am onto recycling old party dresses.
There is a gamut of weddings and parties next month, and I would be shunned if I wore old ones (worn 5/6 times considered old)
I can buy new ones, but I already have many many countless, and I am giving below reasons for not having a new one
1. I don't really have spare hangars for more, nor does my wardrobe have space for more.
2. My older clothes aren't happy because I don't wear them much (problem of plenty)
3. Investing in clothes is a bad investment. rather a dead one..unless the embroidery was made in silver and buttons in gold!!
4. I am an environmentalist now.
5. If people judge me by the clothes I wear, they are most welcome to stay away!

I'd rather spend the money I save, on travelling around the world ( this was my foreign fantasy ). I can buy gold ornaments which would have a good resale value later on.

Recycling has more than one advantage, along with the money saved, it saves on resources. When I wear recycled ones, I am immensely pleased with my accomplishment.

Along with dresses, other things recycled are old forms and notices, cut and stapled together to make notepads, envelopes used again by sticking a new label on the old address.

Most importantly, it is always easier to go out and buy, and what is easy is dull too and I hate to be DULL!

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  1. I would not have believed that one could redesign and recycle elder garments of foregone fashions, until i saw it done at home, when my lady cut the borders of a silk saree, i was aghast, seeing me growing violet( i cant blush, my skin tone is so) she said she has ideas of doing a redesigning.

    The borders of the Benaras saree was added on to a Mysore silk of blue and the effect was stunning and on her u can IMAGINE.

    May u get to do great redesigning Shazia and get noticed at parties.

  2. Oh yes! I do get noticed, but I have a problem, I always blurt out the truth.. "this is not "new" I have recycled it :) :P"