Sunday, September 26, 2010

Foreign fantasy

Yes, I fantasized the word foreign and everything associated with it.

My first love was Switzerland courtesy Yash Chopra and his picturesque film songs.

I loved the snow capped mountains and the saree clad heroine (she was too hot to feel cold in thin saree too). I must mention the trains, the ones which travel all over Europe! and the scenes that passed by
My father often had to travel to Europe because of his export business, and I yearned to go with him. Once i remember taking out all my clothes from the almirah and insisting that he take me although school was on. Obviously he didn't take me and I cried for hours.

My grandpa became critically ill and was diagnosed with throat cancer for which he was taken to london to be treated with the best doctors and hospitals, and I so fervently desired to go, that I wished I was also ill, so that I would be taken there even if it were for treatment.

It wasn't just foreign travel on my mind, I was also secretly in love with foreigners.
If someone asked me did I love someone? I used to answer,"yes, a foreigner."
Someday I would marry a foreigner and will go away for ever. (sshhh)
My prince charming in a white horse was a "gora" (white) :P

yeah yeah .. Neither did I go abroad nor did I marry a gora :-((
Maybe someday i will ..........

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