Saturday, September 25, 2010

magic wand!

So I just watched a movie and there was this magic wand that did all the works and more..
How I wanted I had one..
I was sure, (because i was six) I could find it somewhere, it was only a question of time and persistence!
I thought I will start by asking anyone and everyone (someone would know!)

Now I was a stubborn child and if I wanted anything I wanted it BAD.
There was a distant relative who used to come to our house often,and even though he wasn't given much importance, i wouldn't think of not asking him, lest he knew!!
He said indeed he had one but it would cost me 50 rupees
I was ecstatic! and even though I didn't have the money I promised to get the money within a day or two.
I don't remember where I got the money from, perhaps it was stolen (yes I was cheeky enough to steal)
And sure enough my deal was done and I had a stick in my hands!
I quietly went up to my room and i moved the piece of wood up and down spoke to it for hours !!
I was desperate but it did not do anything as per my wish..
I wished I start flying but not a budge I felt!

Saddened and disheartened, I showed the stick to my grand mom (whom I was very pally with) and she told me it was a piece of sandalwood and not a magic wand!
I was :@ (angry) and !@#$#@!#$#@$%(abusive)
How dare someone dupe ME!
I had to get my money back and I waited for that relative to come so that I gave the sandalwood back to him and get my money back. He did come after a few days and I vented out my anger on him and demanded that he returned the money.. which alas! he had spent!
Along with the money, my hopes of finding a magic wand was also squashed..

one of the first bitter lessons of my life! No MAGIC WAND (boo hoo)


  1. Ding the magic wand u are what u would have been with the real magic wand.

    DON'T u see the effect u have with the words.

  2. hey.. "effect with the words?"
    You don't seriously mean I am creating magic here..
    wowowow.. I am truly honored by your words of encouragement.

  3. If there is a magic show i am on.

    I like the first row as it will give me a chance to be part of an act if the magician want a volunteer,i have clapped and jumped with the magicians tricks knowing well,it is all real, even though he says repeatedly that they are all tricks and dupes, i know he is bluffing as i see his works baffling.
    May u get to learn and share for our pleasure.